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Earlier this week, the Nintendo Switch did a massive presentation giving fans what they have been clamoring for a while now. Among such classic titles as Legend of , and, well, , Nintendo unveiled new entries such as , , and the Banjo-Kazooie inspired .

When the Switch was first announced there was strangely little mention of a Mario title. Footage of the game play to be featured on the Switch featured a nameless Mario game. Now, anyone with a passing interest in the system or video games in general knew that when a new Nintendo system is announced a new Mario game is not far behind. Now that we finally have a glimpse into the fantastic worlds we are about to experience, I think the jovial plumber is about to take us on a terrific ride.

New paint job on old tropes

Image [Credit: Nintendo]
Image [Credit: Nintendo]

With a name like Super Mario Odyssey, gamers can expect a sprawling romp across the . One that includes trips through time as well. As of this writing there is no confirmation that Mario will actually travel in time, however there are some little nods to the series as a whole that will have most hardcore Mario fans waxing nostalgic.

See a more in-depth look at some of the easter eggs Nintendo popped in this game courtesy of GameXplain!

Mario will go up against foes spouting paint(?) reminiscent of Mario Sunshine, he boards a Mario branded vessel taking him to his various stages, one of which is space ala Mario Galaxy. Nintendo certainly pulling out all the stops for fans new and old. Speaking of which…

Nintendo has some deeeeep cuts

Image [Credit: Nintendo
Image [Credit: Nintendo

One of the things that wowed me as a fan was that I finally got to see Mario in what appeared to be New York. Not since the cinematic abortion of the Super Mario Brothers movie have I got to see Mario in his hometown. But further inspection informs me that this is in fact New Donk City, a level featuring ! This is evidenced by there begin a street named after Dixie and Diddy having a general store. Finally the plumber is tipping his hat to where he got his roots. The famous Girders are there as well as the aforementioned streets named after Donkey Kong characters. Speaking of tipping hats…

Looks like Bowsers is getting suits to help him out this time

Image [Credit: Nintendo]
Image [Credit: Nintendo]

Ever since Super Mario 3, players have been able to adorn the beloved plumber in various outfits to help him along in his quest, Frog suits, Tanooki suits, and more recently cat suits have gotten Mario out of quite a few messes over the years. This time, however, is not to be undone. And in a top hat and tails no less. Bowser shows up in an all white tux looking’ like a stone cold pimp. Then he takes his top hat off and throws it at Mario, doing Odd job from the series proud. A quick glance at the trailers gives us a bit of insight that he is finally making an honest woman of the princess. Although the similarly attired bunnies do pose some questions I’m not sure I need the answers to.

Final Thoughts

To be quite honest, I didn’t have much hope in the Nintendo Switch. Of course as a die-hard Zelda fan, as soon as I saw initial footage I fell in love all over again. Much to the chagrin of my friends I have always bled Nintendo. “Hey man, you want to come over and play GTA 5 tonight? Naw, I got Mario…He’s got a cat suit!” (actual conversation) And with the recent release of all the info on the Switch I’ve fallen in love all over again. I’m still awaiting word on the next Metroid game before I seal myself in the bunker though.


Which of the games mentioned in the article are you most excited for?

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