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Earlier today, the new Logan trailer dropped. Soon after, we got a red band trailer in all of its glorious splendor.

Man…You look like something out of a comic book!

At some point in the film, Logan and find themselves in X-23’s house where they find an old X-men comic, taking the series to areas of meta previously unseen in the Wolverine films. It is a quaint little nod to older x-men books, presumably the Chris Claremont era, which to be fair spanned literally decades and if your going to homage someone instead of Stan Lee, Chris Claremont is the way to go. The comic looks to be an original work designed for the film but I’m sure comic aficionados can tell me if it’s an older story.

Berserker Rage times two

Wolverine by Art Adams and X-23 by Adam Kubert [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Wolverine by Art Adams and X-23 by Adam Kubert [Credit: Marvel Comics]

This trailer ramps up the action. We see Laura, aka X-23 helping herself to some Pringles, an energy drink, and a pair of shades ala from . Of course, instead of using her powers to get out of the store, she goes berserker rage on the clerk before Logan brings her in check. He then of course steals a handful of cigars. Way to parent Logan.

"Holy Fuck." - Logan

Later in the trailer we see the two attacking a bunch of Reavers. In what I initially thought was Logan tossing Laura into another guy Fastball special style, was actually her leaping over Logan into the fray. We haven’t seen much of Daphne Keen’s acting as she is only credited with one other show, The Refugees that aired on the . But based on this short trailer, she could have a lucrative career in action roles.

Still no sign of Sinister

Mr. Sinister by Greg Land [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mr. Sinister by Greg Land [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Aside from an easter egg in the end credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister is nowhere in sight of this film. There is a clip of Donald Pierce walking with a mysterious looking Dr. that could be Nathaniel Essex but a quick IMDB search reveals that he is Dr. Xander Rice, creator of X-23.

also reveals Eric LaSalle to have an uncredited role in the film. LaSalle is a decent actor but as long as I have grey skin, black lips and a diamond on his forehead, I’d probably be pretty content. Oh…and a British accent. Villains sound more evil when they’re British.

Death is haRd

It’s no secret that this is Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as everyone’s favorite cigar chomping, rage-fueled, red head loving, beast who walks. Jackman has come out and said that he has fought for an R-rated Wolverine film for quite some time. Besides and unrated cut of Wolverine, this is the merry mutant’s first foray into R-rated territory. And it shows.

“Two days on the road, only one meal, and hardly any sleep. She’s 11, I’m fucking 90.” - Professor Xavier

From X-23 slicing an arm in the back seat of a car to both Logan and Professor X’s colorful language, Logan seems to deliver on that promise. We also see the potential death of Professor Xavier as he is surrounded by armed men and in a shocking (not really) turn of events, a bloodied Wolverine holding X-23’s arms. Could this be the death of Logan in which he symbolically passes the torch to his younger, female protégé? As stunning as Laura Kinney looks in the film, unless there is time travel involved which will get her into the past aka the current X-Men films, I doubt they will spin the character off into her own franchise, especially one in which all the other X-Men are dead. Though we could get that coveted Wolverine/ crossover movie. No way he’s dead in the future.

Final Thoughts

Logan is quickly becoming one of my more anticipated comic films to see this year. I’ve always had an affinity for the character and have never been disappointed in Hugh Jackman’s performance. The movies on the other hand and an entirely different animal. X-Men Origins was an unfinished, lackluster piece of…cinema and Wolverine was decent on the first viewing but lost some of its luster upon revisitation. This film however looks to be right balance of pathos and action that the character is known for in the comics. When it comes to this film, I dare say that I’m…X-Cited (Snikt!)

What do you think of the new trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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