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Last week, . announced a short list of actors who they wanted to play in the upcoming film. Slated for a 2020 release, the film will be set in the and has been described as Lethal Weapon in space.

From a script co-written by David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes, the film hopes to make audiences forget about the 2011 misstep starring one of the actors on this list.

Tom Cruise

may sound like a groan-inducing choice at first glance but let's take another look, shall we. He is no stranger to action with the franchise. And let’s face it; he’s been putting butts in the seats since the 80s. Starring in the quintessential pilot film, Top Gun, Cruise is no stranger to the cock pit and as the oldest cast member, would fit the ‘too old for this shit’ mentality that the franchise is so famous for. Having turned down the role of Tony Stark in the first film, Cruise may be itching to get into a movie universe. And let’s face it; if the fails to launch the horrorverse, this may be his last chance.

Ryan Reynolds

Another entry on the list that everyone pretty much scoffs at, and for good reason. starred in the first Green Lantern flick that won universal criticism and stands at a 26% approval rating (45% audience rating. Eat it, critics!). Having all that said Reynolds is no stranger to the poor comic adaptation game. Blade Trinity, R.I.P.D., and Wolverine: Origins are but a sampling and crappy comic films Reynolds has been privy to. Speaking of the last one, Reynolds took his character of , a bastardization of the source material and turned it into an honest to God success. There is no reason why he couldn’t do it again despite blatantly making fun of his work in the film. needs work in their cinematic universe, there’s no question there and poking a little fun at the competition could be a step in the right direction. Nothing to start an all out war mind you, but playful jabs could spark a new look for the studio and (possibly) kill some of the hatred that they have earned over the last year.

Jake Gyllenhaal

is a bit of a wild card in this scenario as he has never been associated with the superhero genre before. Unless you could Young Hercules (I don’t). His sister, Maggie of course played Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, also written by Goyer so he may have a bit of an inside track and has said in interviews that he is always been inspired by superhero films, specifically Thor, a character known for his cosmic roots. Gyllenhaal is also riding high on buzz for so landing him may not be such a bad idea for DC.

Bradley Cooper

has played a wide range of roles beginning with a master of disguise, Face in the A-Team remake to -worthy performances in Silver linings Playbook, to the voice of a genetically altered raccoon named Rocket in . Cooper, who auditioned for the role originally, obviously has something that the studio is looking for. Cooper is known for wacky onscreen shenanigans as well as playing serious very well, which would fit with the Martin Riggs archetype perfectly. Failing all that, I’m sure that G’nort still needs to be cast.

Armie Hammer

I’m nowhere near an insider to the movie industry but I may suggest that the studio stay away from . I don’t like to throw around words like box office poison, but Armie Hammer doesn’t have a great track record. While The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Lone Ranger made their money back budget wise however budgets do not include marketing and other such factors. Now I’m not saying that Armie Hammer CAN’T take on the role of the most famous ring-slinger, especially being as he will share the spotlight with another major character in the form of , but I am suggesting it may be a good idea to get a pretty strong costar to take up the slack. And when you star opposite Superman and Capt. Jack Sparrow and can’t close the deal, you better have a baking soda dynasty to fall back on. Oh, wait...

Joel McHale

Most famous for The Soup and Community, almost seems to be the odd man out in this shortlist of actors. Certain in the shows I just mentioned he was phenomenal in. In Community, he played a self-righteous ass that only thought of himself. Even when he did something nice for someone else on the show, more often than not it was to his benefit as well. These all seem like characteristics of a Green Lantern. I’m just not sure they are the characteristics of Hal Jordan. They do however seem like the personification of . And hey, since this is called the Green Lantern CORPS. Movie, why do they have to focus simply on Hal Jordan and John Stewart respectively. If the threat is large enough, every member of corps. From earth could be represented.

Honorable mention

Comic Book Resources is reporting that, while heavily rumored, James Marsden may be added to the list. He is only an honorable mention at this point as he is not officially endorsed by the studio. Having that said, Marsden is no stranger to the comic book movie having starred in the franchise as well as DC’s own Returns.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the Green Lantern Corps. Film (and the DCCU in general) has a tough row to hoe. Trailers for and the all look spectacular. But so did Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Suicide Squad. DC has a reputation for making things look great, it’s the final version that usually leaves audiences scratching their heads. Having all that said, Geoff Johns has since been promoted and things appear to be going in a better direction. He is listed as a producer on the film and had a substantial run on the comics as well. The choice of actor will be as crucial as the story, effects and pacing. Given that we have Johns on board, I think we as fans are in good (energy generated) hands


Who is your top pick from the short list?

What do you think of the choices so far? Was there one the producers have overlooked? Sound off in the comments below!

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