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Earlier this week, . that in addition to officially helming the Batman solo film after Ben Affleck stepped down, they would also be moving forward with a film. The film will see Chris McKay, who directed the Movie, take a stab at the live-action Gotham City.

With the critical and commercial success that the Lego Batman Movie has garnered, the property certainly seems to be in good hands. But what does this mean for Affleck's Batman?

Affleck has been less than pleased for a while now

It's no secret that Ben Affleck is getting frustrated with Batman. After some unfavorable criticism, both warranted and unwarranted, Affleck has begun to feel the weight of the role. Batman is an icon. In terms of comic hierarchy, he is very high maintenance. There is a certain amount of expectation given with the character. Now, Affleck took the herculean task partially to make up to fans for his portrayal of another iconic superhero, . When it was first announced that Affleck was going to be most fans, yours truly included, were outraged. However, Affleck's portrayal of the was one of the better parts of Batman V Superman. A solo Batman film was immediately green lit based on his performance.

Still, the weight of the character continued to press down on him. He was hounded by the press and fans at every turn.

Affleck realizes the role is bigger than him

'Batman from The Dark Knight Returns' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Batman from The Dark Knight Returns' [Credit: DC Comics]

Fan speculation is that Affleck was going to leave the role before the solo Bat-film got off the ground. The script has reportedly had issues and Affleck himself stepped down from directorial duties, citing that with such an iconic character as the , he couldn't devote time to the role as well as directing. Fair assessment. I respect a man who knows his limitations and doesn't let his ego get in the way of a better product. Having that said, with all the work he's putting into this project and not a lot of love coming from the fan base, his ego is eventually going to weigh him down to the point where he's going to leave the franchise.

And to be fair, it's not like he was going to play Batman forever (nod to the GOOD Schumacher bat-flick). Eventually, he's going to step away. As much as I love . as /, but one day, he's not going to be in the anymore. So how does deal with this eventuality?

Dick Grayson is going to replace Bruce Wayne

'Nightwing' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Nightwing' [Credit: DC Comics]

With little to no information on the upcoming project, is a blank slate at this point. As the story goes, , the original , shed his persona and took the name of Nightwing to honor one of his favorite heroes from the bottle city of Kandor. It was a move to honor and a side jab at Batman. This way he could kick his old life to the curb while embracing his new adult crime fighting ways. He is the first sidekick to 'grow up' followed closely by who took over for after his sacrifice in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Nightwing film will most likely set up Dick Grayson as a proper heir to the throne so that when Affleck does leave, the actor cast as Dick can fill his shoes properly. Hopefully we won't need to go into AZ-Bat territory to get there.

Final thoughts

Nightwing appears to be a preemptive strike in the ongoing struggles of Bat-fleck. This is certainly a smart move on their part as A) Ben Affleck isn't going to be in the role forever and B) it's better than getting caught with their pants down when this eventually comes to pass. Although, another possibility could be that, the stand alone series be about a younger Batman. When Affleck took on the role it was as the Dark Knight's later years. There are several question still left unanswered from Batman V Superman and a film set in the earlier years could easily answer. And you can't tell me that wouldn't rock that role. He is a great actor as established with his recent Oscar nod and with the familial relationship to Ben, would bare striking physical resemblance to the older, seasoned Affleck. Gimme a call, Warner Bros.

What do you think of the Nightwing announcement? Sound off in the comments below!

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