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After announced he was leaving the titular role of the Doctor, Fans have speculated on who would take his place. Certainly, the usual speculation arose about the next to grace our screens.

The Nerdist released this article today announcing that incoming show runner, Chris Chibnall was in talks with Michaela Coel, creator of Chewing Gum to play the next doctor. While nothing is set in stone, other news outlets report that the BBC may also be eyeing Chris Marshall, Richard Ayoade, and 's Anthony Stewart Head. Since nothing is official just yet, let the speculation commence.

Michaela Cole

Given that the Nerdist has specifically named Coel as potential casting, she get top spot on the list. The actress would bring more than diversity to the role as she writes, produces, composes and stars in the aforementioned . She brings a strong presence to the role of Tracy that could easily translate into the quirky personality of the Doctor. Also, she was in an episode of so she is no stranger to odd and dark, two aspects that are no stranger to the Doctor Who franchise. The only problem with her getting the role would be that I wouldn't be getting any more Chewing Gum on .

Helen Mirren

Ever the epitome of style and grace rolled into one fine package, Helen Mirren has wowed audiences with powerful performances for decades. In fact, it was a statement she made that sparked the whole female Doctor debate. Claiming she would jump at the chance to play the character, Mirren certainly has the acting chops and exudes a fire and sensuality onscreen that is second to none. with roles in Red 2 and the , She has proven that she can still kick it with the younger crowd. The only thing standing in her way is that Peter Capaldi is an older actor as well and they may be trying to change as much as they can.

Gemma Arterton

With such action oriented roles in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Prince of Persia and the remake of Clash of the Titans, Gemma Arterton also proves she can kick ass onscreen. She's even been a bond girl for heaven's sake! Given that she has starred in a plethora of material catered to fan boys and girls, Doctor Who could be the feather in her cap for her career. and she's a Ginger! You can check two points off the list!

Final Thoughts

Doctor Who has been around for over six decades and its high time fans have gotten an actor that looks essentially the same, despite being able to change his entire body when he dies. A complaint from a father, stating that his son wouldn't understand the Doctor being played by a female warranted a statement claiming that A female would not be the next Doctor Who. The only thing this illustrates is that A) the son isn't able to grasp the concept of Doctor Who, B) If a female Doctor is enough to drive him away, he isn't that interested to begin with and C) His father isn't an open minded individual who could learn something from a female casting of Doctor Who.

No official announcement has been made so at this point we only have our hopes and dreams. Failing the return of David Tennant, I suppose we'll all have to wait until they announce something. Or build a fully functioning T.A.R.D.I.S.


Who do you think should play the next Doctor?

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What are your thoughts on Doctor Who and potential Diversity? Sound off in the comments below!

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