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Today I'm going to start off with just a few points relating to depression and in later articles I will go into greater details into certain parts of everyday life with depression and also what do to to overcome or push through certain situations. These are a few things to do if your suffering from depression.

  • Always tell someone. I personally know how hard it is to tell people how I'm feeling. In my case my parents were in denial that I was depressed and that your just having a bad day even though I felt the same every day. So the person who really helped me was my brother. He convinced and pushed me to come cinema and shopping stuff like that with him just so I would leave the house. So what I'm saying is always tell at least one person you think will understand and help you with what your going through. For some it might be their parents, others it could be a sibling or their best friend but I couldn't stress enough how important it is to tell someone.
  • Usually when you go to the doctor's and they tell you your depressed your giving 3 options. Those 3 options are medication, therapy or both. I was suffering with depression for for about 3-4 years before I went to the doctors so I took the easier way out which was the medication. But I suggest that people should defiantly try therapy first, it may seem daunting at first if you have social anxiety but if you can get past the first few sessions it will make a difference. The medication does work but they may become addictive which will make you depend on them so I would say to try therapy before the medication.
  • If you have think you may be suffering with depression go to a doctor or therapist straight away to be safe and not like me who took years to get help. Don't be scared that people will think differently about you. Honestly don't give any notice to those people and if it's your friend who starts treating you differently in a bad way then they are really not your friend so you should stop hanging out with them if they make you fell bad or distance you.

Okay that's it for today I hope this helped some of you. Leave any questions you have down in the comments, just remember to keep going and have a great day :)

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