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Social anxiety holds us back quite a lot. You really have to push through a wall of anxiety even to do everyday things. It effects everything work, school even just buying something. Crowds are personally the worst for me. I would normally get a panic attack or sometimes I even had to go into the toilets just from how overwhelming it got.


Getting asked a question in class is the worst. You have to talk out in front of the whole class. If it does make you feel uncomfortable to a point where for the whole of the class your just wishing a teacher won't ask you anything it's difficult to keep focused. What you should do is ask the the teacher for a meeting or to talk to them privately and just explain the situation which they should understand. If they don't go tell someone higher up because it should be taken seriously. I know it's hard to talk to teachers especially the older one's who don't understand what it is or how serious it can be. Now this is where you have to push through that wall of anxiety inside you and go speak to your teacher because that one conversation will save you from multiple situations when you would get anxiety. It will also help you concentrate more in class when your not constantly worrying.


If you have a job that only involves working in a team and not interacting with new people everyday the best thing to do is create friends as fast as possible. I know it might be scary at first but just talk to them first instead of hanging back waiting for someone to talk to you. If you do this you will slowly exclude yourself from your workmates.If you start talking to them first though that's the pressure gone the odds are then that in the future they will come up and start the majority of other conversations with you. In relations to dealing with new customers everyday what you have to do is stick to a script. Say polite greetings do the work then say goodbye but while doing this just tell yourself there's no need to worry the chances that you'll meet them again are slim. If you get a angry customer who starts to shout at you, you meet start panicking and not knowing what to do. All you have to do is just walk away because you more than likely didn't sign up for this. I know you will have to deal with angry customers as part of some jobs but if they start shouting and being aggressive then don't bother with them. If they treat you with no respect then why should you.

Everyday things

Okay this one is going to be pretty short. So I don't always get anxiety doing everyday things like buying something. In these situations the only thing you can do is ignore it as much as you can which is harder than you think and just go do it and get it done with because it's in these moments when your anxiety flares up the most that you need to overcome it and not let it overcome you. Then next time your anxiety builds up just doing an everyday thing it won't be as bad or if it is you can say to yourself I did this before so I can do it again.

That's this article finished. I honestly don't think I have justified how bad social anxiety is but in later articles I will be going into greater detail which will give you a better understanding. I don't think anyone could explain what social anxiety is or how it feels but I'll try.

If you have any questions leave them down in the comments. Just remember to keep pushing on and have a great day :)

If you want to know the type of things I'll be writing about check out my introduction article :)

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