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Though I've never been overseas, I had the pleasure of going to outer space, the wild wild west and sailed down major rivers of Africa, Asia and South America all in a day. Where did I engage in such an impossible activity? At Disneyland, of course. Well, any Disney theme park, for that matter. I'm a theme park junkie to the core. The rides at the Disney parks have so much potential to go beyond the parks, that some need to be made into films. Two rides from the parks have already graced the big screen(Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean) and one was named after a section from a Disney park, but had nothing to do with the actual land: Tomorrowland.

With Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales sailing to theaters this summer, it leaves one to wonder on what other rides could spawn into franchises.


After riding the ride myself back in 2012 with some friends, I remember saying to them, "This would make a dope ass movie." Low and behold, Disney thinks so, too. After the success of Curse of the Black Pearl, Disney originally had Toy Story alumni Tom Hanks and Tim Allen set to appear in an adaptation, but nothing came to fruition. Then, in 2015, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson signed on. Having Johnson in this film and the Jumanji sequel would seem a little odd, since both have safari themes.

During this entire ride, you're sailing down different areas of Africa, Asia and South America. Throughout the voyage, there's a vast majority of animatronics and settings that tell a story like: a swarm of priahnnas trying to attack your boat, travelers climbing up a pole escaping an infuriated rhino and curious gorillas invading a campsite. No release date has been set, but with the success of Jungle Book, you would think they would get on this pronto.


Set in the wild west, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is located in Frontierland at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Though I haven't rode this ride, per se (been going to Disneyland since I was 7), I had the pleasure of reading a comic that was based off the ride. The best way to describe that story would be Robin Hood meets True Grit and Temple of Doom. Ironically, the latter's sounds were used in the actual film during the mine scene. Basically, these miners are on a train with a group of bandits, trying to escape an eerie cave with ghosts, a T-Rex skeleton and explosions.

Disney may have at one point considered turning this into a film, but given the recent failure of their Lone Ranger, I'm sure that was the nail on the coffin. I mentioned a while back that it was a really good movie, just backed by poor marketing. Besides, westerns aren't that big of a draw like they used to be.


Another ride I have yet to ride, but only because it just recently Shanghai Disneyland. The story behind the ride itself is that you as the guests are to help a group of scientists find clues about a rare creature by the name of Q’aráq, a crocodile type creature, who resides in the Roaring Mountains. With the success of Godzilla and the upcoming films Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim: Uprising, it seems as though giant kaiju and monsters are what's hot.


Since we're on the subject of monsters, this particular ride has one that is known throughout the Himalayas: the Yeti. Not only does the Yeti make an appearance in Expedition: Everest, located at the Animal Kingdom in Florida, but he also makes an appearance in the Disneyland ride, Matterhorn Bobsleds. Everest's story is similar to Roaring Rapids, where guests have to find a certain relic, but encounter a foreign creature in the process. Though there was already an Everest movie, which didn't do well at the box office, that's not to say Disney can't take a stab at it. After all, their Pixar division is developing a Day of the Dead film after The Book of Life flopped.


I saved the best for last. An indoor coaster that takes you through the galaxy. This without a doubt is my number one ride at any Disney park. The long lines could vouch for me. There's no distinct story to the ride itself, but they managed to get that task done in the form of a graphic novel. It's Harry Potter meets Ender's Game. The story is about two young cadets who must race time in order to save the galaxy. Disney loves marketing toys so much, the story has a little saucer robot who poses as a sidekick to the hero. They already found BB-8 adorable. Imagine what they could do with the saucer character.

Down the line, maybe Disney will select a ride or two to become a feature length film and not have to rely on remaking their animated classics into live action films (Looking at you, Lion King). Guillermo Del Toro is already in the process of remaking Haunted Mansion. In the mean time, if you haven't visited any Disney park (there's 12 around the globe), I suggest you start saving your pennies and planning, because I guarantee after you experience one of the thrill rides, you'll say to yourself, "Man, that would make a dope ass movie."

What Disney rides should be films?

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