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Filming has begun in Atlanta for the Black Panther. It was reported that there would be flashbacks of T'Challa attending school in America. In the comics, T'Challa attended school in the states under the name Luke Charles. He even attended Oxford University, prior to donning the Black Panther mantle. Even though the movie is filming in Atlanta, Black Panther has a few connections to California's Bay Area.


It was reported from the East Bay Times that the film will explore T'Challa's ventures in the '90s, with him attending school in Berkeley at St. Mary's College High School. The interesting thing about this fact is that Ryan Coogler, the director and fellow Bay Area native, actually attended this school. During San Diego Comic Con last year, Coogler told the crowd in Hall H that this film would be personal for him.


Photo by Bruce Fitch
Photo by Bruce Fitch

Another key connection to the Bay Area, is the means of transportation. The most popular way of getting around the Bay is the BART, a train that runs from San Francisco all the way to Pittsburgh. The second most common way for Bay Areans to travel is by bus, the AC Transit to be exact. T'Challa, would be utilizing the AC Transit in order to get to school. In Atlanta, they're going to use the bus design from the '90s and place that on a rental bus, to give it a more authentic feel. It would definitely feel nostalgic for real natives of the Bay Area.


Lastly, though Black Panther may share a name with the '60s socialist group, the T'Challa made his debut three months before the party went mainstream. Both the comic and party debuted in 1966. The Black Panther Party originated in Oakland, in which T'Challa is going to school. The mistake of T'Challa's publication origin steaming from the Black Panther party is common, but Stan Lee, co-creator of Black Panther, says the concept came from another comic that he read, where the hero had a black panther as his sidekick.

We'll have to see how all these play out come Feb. 16, 2018.

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