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Game of Thrones 7x1


Act 1: Cold Open: Arya poisons the men of House Frey. The Nights King leads his Wight army that includes 3 giants. Bran & Meera arrive at Castle Black and meet Edd. Jon addresses the Lords of the North and tensions grow between him and Sansa.

Act 2: Cersei and Jamie meet Euron Greyjoy who makes a promise to deliver a gift. Samwell chats with Archmaester Marwyn, Sam then goes and steals some books. Back at Winterfell Brienne is training Podrick and is hit on by Tormund, Sansa chats with Littlefinger.

Act 3: Arya rides by and chats with the nicest Lannister soldiers ever, including Ed Sheeran. Brotherhood without Banner and Clegane arrive at a house from the Hounds past, Thoros helps Clegane see their purpose, then Thoros helps Clegane bury some dead.

Act 4: Sam learns about Dragonstone’s secret, and while he is retrieving bowls from some locked patients. One patient (Jorah) talks of a dragon queen. Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone with her crew, she walks inside the keep and says, “Shall we begin?”


• Arya as Walder: “Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe”

NerdService #1: Lady Mormont!

• Lady Mormont: “I don’t need your permission to defend the North”

• Jamie is slowly drifting away from his sister, but is still loyal to his love.

• I didn’t know how I’ll feel about Pilou as Euron, he only had one scene last year, but here we got to see Eurons motivations, and he just feels like one of those scary characters who will do anything to get what he wants, like Cersei.

• Jim Broadbent fits perfectly into this story, I hope he has a lot to do in this season.

• That sequence that showed all of Sams chores at the Citadel was flawless and so fun.

• Marwyn: “The wall has stood through it all, and every winter that has ever came has ended”

NerdService #2: Ed Sheeran singing on Game of Thrones!

• Those nice Lannister soldiers being nice to Arya showing her humanity’s good side hopefully reminding her of her past and her family.

• Arya: “I’m going to kill the queen”

NerdService #3: Brienne-Tormund.

• Beric to Sandor: “Do you believe me now Clegane, do you believe were here for a reason?”

• Arya tells the soldiers she’s off to Kings Landing to kill the queen.

• Clegane burying those people has shown how far he’s come as a character, also that moment when he started to pray then swore because he forgot the prayer was hilarious.

NerdService #4: A Targaryen back at Dragonstone.

• Dany: “Shall we begins?”


• We see Jon and Sansa clash, as Sansa undermines Jon’s authority infront of the Northern Lords and he calls her out on it.

• I don’t know how I feel with the show constantly telling me that Jon is a great leader.

• Some characters didn’t get any lines at all, while others just did to offer NerdService (which I’m alright with) but did nothing to offer them in development. (Me just nit-picking here).

• Not cool that Tyrion had no lines here.


• All the men of House Frey are now killed but what about Edmund Tully?

• The Night Kings army is moving (slowly) towards the South and holy crap, he has 3 Wight Giants!

• Bran and Meera are now at Castle Black but for how long?

• The kids of Umber and Karstark bend the knee to Jon. Jon also tells Tormund to take some of the wildlings to help reinforce the Wall.

• King Euron Greyjoy promises a gift for Queen Cersei to join houses.

• Clegane sees a vision in the fire about the Night King and his army heading towards the Wall.

• Jorah Mormont is a patient at the Citadel, with Sam Tarly as his carer/nurse?

• Samwell finds out about how much dragonglass is under Dragonstone and sends a raven to Jon informing him about it.

• After how many years, Dany has returned to her ancestral home of Dragonstone.


For some 6 or 7 months we’ve been waiting, and finally, Game of Thrones has returned. Last year’s finale was spectacular and was one of the most entertaining, engaging and all-round crowd-pleasing episodes ever aired on TV. And if anything, this year’s premiere: “Dragonstone” is what all Game of Thrones premieres are generally about. Which is to primarily chess table-setting, or at least investigating the position of the chess pieces on the board to prepare for future engagements, but who cares, we got to see so much of our beloved characters! We have characters moving on from decisions made in last year’s finale and all of that story and plot setting is alright because Game of Thrones has some of the most beloved characters in TV history. I definitely appreciate what the showrunners have done when I was watching all the characters and seeing them interact. We got to see more of what we loved last year, like Lady Mormont, Brienne and Tormund, all our main characters, it was just fantastic!

It was surprisingly humorous and the episode was best summed up by the mother of dragons: “Shall we begin?

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