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...[Mr. Frank] made me realize how much he really does appreciate his fans.
-Chris Berdan

Heartfelt and straightforward, Chris is a perfectionist when it comes to his craft.
Whether its the width of a shoulder pad or getting the right shade of grey for a gauntlet, he'll work it to the vanishing point.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your best cosplay moment so far?

Chris Berdan:
I would say I have two moments that are equally awesome for completely different reasons. The first being back in 2011 at Wizard World Chicago I cosplayed as Captain America and had a mother ask if I could take a picture with her 3 or 4 year old daughter as Cap was her favorite character. I knelt down and the girl was crying because she was so happy she got to meet Captain America in the flesh. She ran up to me and stopped and poked me and ran back to her mother with a huge smile on her face. She eventually calmed down and we took a series of photos. The smile on her face was worth every second of making that costume.
The second moment would have to be at Wizard World Wisconsin earlier this year when I entered the cosplay contest with my White Ranger costume. Jason David Frank was one of the judges and I ended up receiving a judges award for my costume as he stated he had met only a few people who actually made their White Ranger costume from head to toe without purchasing it. The best part was after the contest when Mr. Frank came up to me and we had a brief conversation. This is something he didn’t have to do but made me realize how much he really does appreciate his fans.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you been approached filmmakers?

Chris Berdan:
I have, both local people making music videos/webseries and SyFy also interviewed me for a “nerd related show”. The latter of which was recently but I am unsure of anything that is happening with it.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you been recognized out of "uniform"?

Chris Berdan:
At C2E2 this past year I did have a few people recognize me out of my Mr. Freeze costume. All of them said something along the lines of “You were Mr. Freeze, that was an awesome costume”, etc.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your best personal nerdgasm story?

Chris Berdan:
Most recently I think the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Thor/Iron Man/Vision are using their energy blasts at the same time on Ultron.
But a personal nerdgasm moment would have to be when I met either Jason David Frank or a few years ago when I met Sergeant Slaughter as I am a huge wrestling fan.


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