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My name is Caillou Pettis, and I am a YouTube film critic, writer, director, and actor.

When The Bough Breaks is directed by Jon Cassar, who worked on the first seven seasons of the hit show 24, and stars Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall who want a baby badly. Eventually they hire Anna, a surrogate who gets obsessed with Laura (Regina Hall)’s husband.

All of the performances in this movie are simply stale, boring, and bland. Not a single actor in When The Bough Breaks has a good, memorable character, or even a good scene that could get them nominated at The Oscars, because at times the film feels like it is desperately trying to reach the heights of an Oscar nominee due to its heavy drama, that comes off as nothing more than an uninteresting bore-fest.

As I was watching the film, I began to notice something quickly in the actors. For me, it seemed I could just tell that the actors themselves knew the movie was bad, but were doing it for the money, as the actors’ faces in some scenes looked concerned for no reaso

Morris Chestnut (left) and Regina Hall (right) in When The Bough Breaks
Morris Chestnut (left) and Regina Hall (right) in When The Bough Breaks

I could not help but doze off for the majority of the film due to the lack of interest in characters, scenes, or story. The story of the movie never once captivated me and I never did care for the characters involved, because all of them were very poorly written, and they actually felt like movie characters, and not actual people. A good movie has characters that feel as if they are actually living breathing people that you can get behind and support, and not actors that rehearsed their lines many times before filming a scene.

The script is also very lazy and uneventful. There is not a single interesting moment, or twist in When The Bough Breaks to even keep the smallest bit of attention to the viewers. It is filled to the brim with boring and bad chemistry between characters, and has a bunch of awful dialogue.

In Summary: When The Bough Breaks is a loathsome experience that will bore anybody searching for a good story and good characters.


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