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Conflict- A massive army of high tech aliens are invading Earth. The task has proven too much for the armies of the world to deal with. The United Nations have decided to enlist the help of two legendary organizations.

Team #1: Agent J and Agent K - The elite of the top secret organization, the MIB, have been chosen for their in- depth knowledge of alien life forms. The agents were recommended by the U.S. President himself for their vast field record to lead the army that has been chosen.

Team #2: the Clone Army - after sending a drone into deep space, NASA rediscovered the cloning technology used by the ancient Galactic Republic. Secretly, the U.S. Government began developing plans to build their own army to replace human soldiers. When the invasion occurred, the U.S. Revealed their plans and a plan was put in place to raise an army to combat the invading forces.

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