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I'm using is from Joelle not going to be easy to find but there are other hyaluronic acids out there you know that Purinova the derma rd derma up you --tx you can find that at t.j.maxx a lot I was in there the other day and they had tons of them so the biosuit hyaluronic acid fluid is my most favorite I have ever used if you are in Europe and you have not tried this it's beautiful they also have masks that are wonderful okay and add a face oil if you don't want to wear it during the day make sure you put it on over your serums before your moisturizer at night the one I'm using right now and I'm so madly in love with is a Belle Royale by Kellogg and it is the firming lift on but it has extracts of honey in it it is fabulous and I just do all of my little ocean potions all my stairs remember thinnest to thickest so just before I'm going to put my moisturizer on I do a quick massage over all my serums with this oil and run it down my neck that I put on my my night cream and I have been using a neck cream because my neck started getting a little creepy and I didn't like it okay and then another oil is the rose hip seed oil you know.

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