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Nintendo have officialy unveiled their new switch console! Here is everything you need to know about the specs, release date, price and the games coming to the Switch.

What Is The Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

For those who don´t know, the Nintendo Switch is Ninteno´s newest addition in their console family. What makes the Switch stand out from the rest of the consoles are not the specs, but the inovative approach Nintendo has taken with the console. The switch can be used as both a handheld or a standard console. The console uses a base that connects to your TV or monitor when you want to use it as a standard console. When you want to use it as a handheld, you „switch“ it to a handheld by pulling it from the base and attaching the two controllers. Here is a video of the switch in action.

What Are The Switch´s Specifications?

Nintendo Switch Build
Nintendo Switch Build

While the Nintendo Switch specifications aren´t official yet, they have been leaked numerous times. As it is technicaly a tablet, it can´t use hardware as powerful as a normal console (PS4 or Xbox One). It has been leaked that the Switch uses hardware very similar to the Nvidia Shield´s hardware, rocking an Nvidia Tegra processor. It will also have 32 GB of built-in storage on launch (although it may have more in future models) and a 720P screen. Connectivity-wise, it will be using an 802.11ac WI-FI adapter, but you can use an ethernet adapter as the device does have a USB-C port. The battery life is estimated to be 2.5h - 6h, depending on the game your playing (only for the handheld mode, the standard mode is plugged in all the time).

While the Switch´s hardware can´t be compared to the Xbox One and the PS4, it is better than the Wii U´s hardware. However, Nintendo is known for good game optimization, so the lower specs shouldn´t be too much of a problem.

The lack of storage isn´t too much of a problem, as it can be expanded up to 256GB with a microSD card. The games will come on GameCards (similar to the 3DS), so the storage won´t be used for that.

The Joy-Con Controllers

Detached Joy-Con Controller
Detached Joy-Con Controller

Another inovation of the Switch are the ”Joy-Con Controllers”. They are very similar to the original Wii Remote, but much smaller in size. Their biggest selling points is probably their flexibility. They can be used attached to the Switch when used as a handheld, attached to a Grip accessory and many more...

While I think this is a good addition, I don´t think the Joy-Con Controllers will be that good for gaming. I liked the Wii Remote quite a lot, but the smaller size won´t fit me too much as I have larger hands...

When Will I Be Able To Buy The Switch And How Much Will It Cost?

At their conference, Nintendo have announced the worldwide release date March 3 2017, for 299,99$. The stock will probably be sold out very quickly, so I recommend preordering it if you want it on release day.

Which Games Will The Switch Support?

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo´s only release title will be Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It will be a fantastic game from a long running franchise. The release date for this game has been pushed back so many times and I personaly can´t wait to finally get my hand on in.

Nintendo have also shown other games that are comming to the Switch at a later date. They have announced a new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey. It will take place in the real world. but we will have to wait for it until the 2017 Holidays. Splatoon 2 was also announced to be released this summer. There are a lot of other games comming to the Switch, but I can´t cover them all in this article.

I hope I answered all of your Nintendo Switch related questions. It will deffinetly be a very good console with an excellent line up of Nintendo games, which never dissapoints.

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