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The stole the hearts of fans back in 2014 and continue to do so even now! However, how well do we actually know the ? Have you ever wondered what 's ship is called or how long it actually took to apply 's make-up? Well here are 10 facts you'd like to know about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before you venture off to the cinemas to see the film:

1. The Film helped Chris Pratt Emotionally

Didn't mean to start off with such a solemn point, but it's always hard to loose a parent and celebrities are no exception. While Star Lord was was traveling the galaxy finding answers about his absent dad, actor was dealing with a more real fatherly loss. The actor has said that the film's script has aided him come to terms with his father's death through 's search and eventual revelations. The answers he found might not have been what he expected, but both Quill and Pratt learnt the true meaning of being a dad.

2. The Red Weapon 8K

Sorry to disappoint but the Red Weapon 8k isn't a weapon in fact (though it does make an awesome Marvel worthy name) but is fact a new type of very sophisticated camera. Having been called the revolutionary equivalent of the VistaVision developed in the 1950's, the Red Weapon 8K produces images and film almost 17X better quality and resolution then normal HD filming. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 is actually the first feature film to be filmed with such a camera producing stunning scenes like those in the video above.

3. David Bowie Cameo

If there's one thing that has become synominous with the epic Guardians of the Galaxy is their epic dance-off worthy soundtrack. One amazing singer to have made into the first film's soundtrack was the legendary , who was an idol for . it was even rumoured that Gunn was hoping for Bowie to make an cameo in Vol. 2 before the artists's untimely death. After this tragedy Gunn also wished for a Bowie song to appear in Vol. 2 as tribute, which would have made Bowie the only artist to be featured on both mixtapes. Sadly the original scene the song was to be featured in was cut with the directing saying he wished to honour his idol in a "fair and appropriate" way.

4. Ramones Rocket to Russia

Any 70's punk rock fan would have caught the subtle but awesome reference in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser poster. In their leather and casual but brooding posture the guardians are actually imitating a cover of Ramones 1977 album, Rocket to Russia. But while the Ramones stuck with traveling to russia, Star Lord and co are rocketing across the galaxy performing heroics while also causing chaos - and with a racoon called Rocket no less!

5. Expertise in Drax's Makeup

CGI and special effects are all good and awesome but we cannot help but appreciate how stunning the make up of such film like Guardians of the Galaxy really is and how much dedication is taken with such art. With blue and green aliens the make-up artists of the first film rarely had time to breath and put away their brushes. It has been revealed that in the first film 's Drax make took almost 4 hours each time to be applied. However with practice come speed. Makeup artists now take only 90 minutes to get Drax in fighting form but Bautista still needed to sit in a sauna at the end of the day to finally get all that makeup and hard work off.

6. The Stan Lee cameo (of course)

It wouldn't be a marvel worthy film if didn't make one of his memorable cameos. Gun has revealed that Stan Lee's Vol 2 cameo was one of four filmed in one day, including that of . Lee's cameo in this movies is also a subtle nod to fan theory that Stan Lee is a cosmetic entity in the universe as he is scene discussing many of his previous adventure. Marvel President, Kevin Feige has confirmed the theory by saying:

Stan Lee clearly exists, you know, above and apart from the reality of all the films. So the notion that he could be sitting there on a cosmic pit stop during the jump gate sequence in Guardians was something very fun - it says: wait a minute, he's this same character who's popped up in all these films?

7. Gillan Returns With A Full Head Of Hair

A fun fact from the first film? star played the role of with a fully shaved head, stunning fans across the globe (see above). Thankfully, for Vol 2 Gillan's scarlet locks remained intact though this didn't hinder her from bringing the blue skinned alien's anger and frustration towards her sister.

8. The Groot Version

Many loved but everybody simply adores . In his red spandex onesies and mischievous nature he is clearly the star of the Guardians. As we all know everyone's favourite santiant baby tree knows a total of three words (4 when he wants to get us emotional but let's not speak of that scene). So you might be thinking it's quite an easy role to play- not at all. Director James Gunn for Vol 2 went that extra mile a created the Groot Version of the script which only he and possess copies of. In this mysterious script every iconic phrase of 'I am Groot' has be maticoulsy converted into english so that Vin Diesel actually knows what his character is trying to say. Although some fans are wondering how the director menaged this others are just itching to try get a copy of this loveable character's script.

9. The Star Lord's Ship gets a name!

The captain's ship is his home, the one place he can return to and supposedly relax and Star Lord isn't any exception. But have you ever wondered what Quill's sweet ride is called? Although never mentioned in the film the ship is called The Milano which, if you love all things 80s, should be ringing some bells. The ship is actually named after Who's the Boss? star , who Peter Quill had a crush on when he was younger.

10 Where's the cassette player?

When you're travelling the galaxy with laser beams and crazy talking racoons you'd think quite the assortment of props would be needed. However, none are as important as Quill's cassette dock and headphones. Somehow the original cassette docks used in the first film had mysteriously vanished and the walkman headphones found were all broken. Prop master even contacted Sony to see if they had any left for filming (obviously none were, it wouldn't be that easy). So for this film Bobbitt ended up creating 6 cassette docks from scratch!

These are just a few of things unveiled about vol 2 and, surely, more are yet to be revealed! One thing is certain though, from their bickering to their awesome sense of music the Guardians will continue to be loved by fans across the galaxy !

Guardian's of the galaxy vol 2 is in cinemas now!

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