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Hello Space Cowboys.

Oh video games, such a beautiful universe to explore everyday.Everytime there are different emotions to feel, different characters to love, it's something beautiful that keeps evolving during years.

They are a nice escape to boredom, you can do things impossible to do in real life, you can be a hero, a gangster, a ninja!And you can transform this simple passion in a job, if you really want to.You can be a video games journalist, a progammer, a designer, a story teller and so on.

Such a beautiful world, always expanding.That's why peoples like me are always reading news and things related to video games, and today i want to tell you this little story happened in Italy about Violence and Video Games, so i can share my thoughts about this situation.

During this days, in Italy, a murder caused some controversy among italians and journalists.A teen, with the help of his friend, killed his parents using an axe.It was such a terrible news to see but not terrible enough for the media.What we can add to make more controversy and more reads? Yes, it happened again.

Later they interviewed a friend of this teenagers, who said:"They like video games, specially war games, and the use of the axe reminds me one of them" (Call of duty i think).This little detail create more hate to video games, and more reads for the media, of course.

So for the media, the teenager was involved by video games, defying gamers like "empty souls" and sad guys, saying that video games are a bad thing because they are too violent for a teen and maybe that he wanted to "emulate" his favourite game , to do this insane move.

A piece by a famous journalism site saying:The 16 years old son and his friend,like a VIDEOGAME or an horror movie,entered in the room and killed the parents in just few seconds with an axe.
A piece by a famous journalism site saying:The 16 years old son and his friend,like a VIDEOGAME or an horror movie,entered in the room and killed the parents in just few seconds with an axe.

Why do you need to state that the teen was a fan of video games?And the murder maybe takes inspiration by one of them? Of course, just to add more meat to your barbecue.What is the best way, for them, to gain more views?

  • By creating a complex and good articlee?Nah
  • Entertain your readers with a good argumentation?Of course not.
  • What about create more hate and controversy by adding video games in this terrible mix?DIN DIN DIN we have a winner here.

Specify that the teen had a passion for war games, was the perfect way to gain more readers.By adding this little detail, you attract people who hate video games, but also angry gamers! So you take 2 slice of public with just one different detail.

I'm not gonna quote any journalists or articles because, at least for me, critics and controversy like this one are something we need to ignore. People who write this kind of things, to me, aren't even journalists, just mercenaries who wants more money by using "hot" themes like video games and murders.

There are a lot of bad things in this world, lot of big problems that aren't even mentioned in a tv, and it's pretty embarassing seeing this important sites gets focused in video games (something they don't know nothing about) instead of important themes and terrible facts happening everyday in this cruel world. You should try to understand what's in the mind of the little killer, why he made this choice, with a well written article instead of create more controversy for your own sake.

I don't know about you my friend, but i played video games for years and during this years, i never had the desire to kill someone or do a bad thing.And yes i played lot of violent games, but i'm not in the street killing people, i'm here , telling you a story.And i'm sane enough to express my thoughts about this articles, by saying:They are total garbage, like the people who write them.

During years we had lot of controversies about violent games, from Wolfenstein, to Mortal Kombat, but video games were something pretty new at the time,and peoples were a bit confused by them.But now we are in 2017, we have saw EVERYTHING, violent movies, violent books, violent video games, but it's something pretty normal and it's impossible to think that something like a video game can involve you to kill someone.You're out of the road.

Also, if you think that in this world there are just violent games, i would suggest to you, my dear journalists, to try games like To The Moon, That Dragon Cancer, This war of Mine, Life is strange, to understand that a game isn't always violent or stupid ,but it can be a form of art, a well written story and also it can makes you cry like a little baby.

Another little thing.Every game have an age, if you gift to a kid a 18+ game, it's your fault.Instead buy him something colorful or take him out to play something with you in the park.It isn't the kid's fault if they play this kind of games.But it's the choice of a lazy parent.

Such a beautiful little game
Such a beautiful little game

This little post was my personal opinion about this situation and i writed it to remember that gaming is a passion like the others, you can have some fun with them, you can feel lot of emotions with them, but it is not a controversy theme to use for your article.

And this is my little message to the writers who love to create more hate for their own sake.

Call me a no life, a bad guy, a guy with no aspirations, a killer or whatever you want, but i'm gonna play my favourites games no matter what.

You need videogames for this kind of situations.Your articles are so sad and blank, that needs something to spice it up a bit.Without video games it's just a common murder, but with videogames oh boy, we have the perfect mix to let the people read our article.Learn to write something interesting, if your only way to gain some views is this, well , quit your job and don't call yourself a journalist.

Sincerly, a gamer.

See you Space Cowboys.

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