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(Hack the Planet!) - Reality altering beings originating from Earth! Jean Grey (Phoenix) - Team Captain (Telekinetic/Telepathic/Possessed by All-powerful Ancient Cosmic Being/Woman/Red-head) Dr. Manhattan - 1st Round Pick (Heavy Hitter/Power over laws of Physics/Nudist/Tool for women/Night-light) Proteus - 2nd Round Pick (Reality Warper/Omega Mutant/Torturer/Mama's Boy/Daddy Issues/Heavy Scottish Accent) Mister Mxyzptlk - 3rd Round Pick (Breaker of the 4th Wall/Fits into small spaces/Fun-seeker/Creeper/Thorn in Supermans' side) Scarlett Witch - Benchwarmer (Reality Hacker/Mutant Depowerer/Incest Sibling/Robot Lover/Mental Disorder Advocate)

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