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There has been much talk among Ghost Rider fans demanding what they want to have in the film, like make it at least r-rated and more horrific.

One needs to be carfeful what they ask for. This was already what fans were demanding before the second film and thought they were going to get when the directors of crank were closen to do it, and these same fans seem to be the ones who hated that very next film the most.

You gotta have the story from the comic book or at least understand what made it work. It's not the look of the Ghost Rider. That's important enough in getting the fan's attention but not enough to make the fan. That look is and has been becoming more and more common both in and outside Marvel properties. Without that story, there is no character here.

Too much attention to the horror aspect of no face can overwhelm the potential of where a story of a character who has yet to be really identiflied can go.

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