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Gears of War might be full of bro-dudes dressed as refrigerators, but one man feels that he's the spitting image of Augustus Cole, also known as the Cole Train and plans to stop this train, baby.

That man is Lenwood Hamilton, who claimed he was introduced to the character by his son's friend and was flabbergasted by the character, who he describes as "simply him[self]". Hamilton is after more than just and Epic Games—mostly money—but should have checked his facts before filing his claim.

'Gears of War' Creator Sued Over Identical Physical Appearance By A Man Who Can't Describe The Cole Train

Hamilton also claims his sports history is reflected by Cole - [Microsoft]
Hamilton also claims his sports history is reflected by Cole - [Microsoft]

Hamilton claims that the physical likenesses are identical, that both of them are black, have a gold front tooth, wear wrist bands and derby hats. The only part of this statement that's correct is that they're both black.

It only gets more ridiculous from here, with claims they imitated his voice and implanted it into the character, which is confirmed by a forensic investigator who states the voices were "indistinguishable"—hint: after listening to an interview with Hamilton, I can tell you, they're not.

He's also suing Lester Speight, responsible for the portrayal and voice-over of the Cole Train throughout the series. The main claim being Speight stole the idea when working at Hamilton's wrestling company, the place where all great video game ideas are forged.

Considering that the Cole Train is a walking ball of stereotypes, it's not hard to imagine some similarities, but to be so far off the mark Hamilton must have done no research before he took this to court. This lawsuit should be binned faster than the Lindsay Lohan vs Grand Theft Auto case, now if you don't mind I'm going back to Gears of War 4.

Do you think this suit will go through, or will it be dismissed?

(Source: TMZ)

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