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Hannibal's season two finale, "Mizumono", brought shocking twists and turns that left us wanting more. Dr. Hannibal Lecter left Will Graham excessively bleeding on the floor; Alana Bloom was left lying on the sidewalk on top of shards of glass; Jack Crawford nurtured his punctured neck in the pantry; and finally the thought to be dead Abigail Hobbs was slain by yours truly Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal has finally returned with its season 3 premiere "Antipasto". The premiere didn't pick up where season 2 left off, instead the episode focused on Hannibal and Bedelia's life together. As for most of the regular cast, they were absent, which left only Hannibal and Bedelia and their lives in Paris and then in Florence.

The episode didn't entirely illuminate Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier's role in Hannibal's life quite yet, nor her feelings for her fake husband. She has no interest in eating Hannibal's cookery, but she seems to react to his murders more as an annoyance than as a cause of aversion. Thankfully, a couple of flashbacks help us sort of understand her presence. After her Season 2 interview with Jack Crawford, Bedelia returned to her home to find Hannibal showering off Will, Alana, Jack and Abigail’s blood. She pulls a gun on him, but when she sets it down, she admits it’s a mix of selfishness and blind faith that will fuel her future actions.

Bedelia just might believe she's in control of her actions. She is voluntarily staying with Hannibal, or so it seems, and seems to believe she can do so without being pulled into his violence. But did that previously work well for Will Graham?

Who knows what the season has in store for us. Many fans shared their thoughts on the official Hannibal Facebook page.

Giselle Roberts stated

Boring episode tonight, Hannibal is boring with out Will and Laurence Fishburne. If the next episode is all about Hannibal in France I will not watch.

Stephanie Robinson disagreed with Roberts, explaining:

This show is very intelligent, far more so than anything else on tv. It was a great start to something new. I suppose if you are tired of it already or can't understand it, there are plenty of other shows on. I am grateful for the accent too. Brilliant work on something completely fresh on my tv!!

What are my thoughts so far? It's only the beginning. The show beautifully captured emotions and imagery that we haven't been exposed to previously, in my opinion. With a new setting and the lack of the regular cast, the episode was definitely different, but I believe the next episode will reintroduce the same twisted situations we're all so familiar with.


What did you think of the season 3 premiere?

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