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I am a writer/director and owner of Kaleidoscope Pictures, inc.

Whatever is your favorite film, next time watch a portion of it without the sound to see what the camera does. You'll love your favorite film even more. The position of the camera frames the story and when you watch it without the distraction of sound, the position and movement of the camera is more obvious. The use of positive and negative space is also more obvious along with the use of dolly movements. Great filmmaking is not by mistake.

When you’re in pre-production you create a shot list and you storyboard the film that will be the framework of your project. Basically you’re creating a comic book for your film. Film is about showing a story not telling it. The camera frame is everything and when a director puts a lot of creative thought into the storyboard, the film will only become better.

On set The Luring
On set The Luring

For me, I’ve always been drawn to films that have subtle foreshadowing by way of camera frame. I like it when the frame has something in it that is later used or explained and moves the plot further. That connects the audience to the story because if they were paying attention, they discover that little bit of information and it becomes theirs.

Writing the script for 'The Luring,' my main focus in every scene is to covey a unique story I can show as a director. Even with heavy dialogue scenes the camera angle and position is important to the story. You don't need a huge budget to show a story. A film people can study and learn from. Thats' a goal I will achieve and that starts in the early stages of pre-production.

Raising money was easier because we shot the first scene and cut a trailer so our investors could see first hand what kind of film we’re going to produce. (The production stills are from when we shot our first scene). This is vital when looking to raise money because they need proof you can pull it off. We also started an indieGoGo and that money will be exclusively for festival fees so not to burden our private investors with that aspect of post production. Again it was our trailer that is helping us raise money because people need to feel we’re going to produce something they want to be part of.

So, what does all this mean and why am I talking about camera angle and raising money for my film 'The Luring'? Simple, when you view what you do as a craft and take into consideration the camera, people notice and are more willing to help you produce your vision. That vision is should be framed beautifully.

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