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You all remember the cartoons on Cartoon Network or NICKELODEON or DISNEY back in the 90s that you thought man.... The things that Animators could get away with. Remember a simpler time where you could say an adult joke on a Kids cartoon and get away with it. AAAH yes the 90s a simpler time where almost all the kids cartoons were awesome like for example REN & STIMPY, ANGRY BEAVERS, AND MANY MORE. SO I COME TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT REN AND STIMPY... I can't believe that the writers of REN & STIMPY one of the best "ADULT CARTOONS" got "NICKELODEON" one of the popular kids channel's permission to air REN & STIMPY, YOU KNOW HOW WRONG THAT IS FOR KIDS TO BE WATCHING THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW ON NICKELODEON. BUT I CAN'T argue with that logic. So I hope they create more REN and STIMPY EPISODES FOR ALL TO WATCH.


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