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Hello and welcome to the Addicted to Animation blog... why is this limited to 140 characters now? I used to have this whole intro thing.

I may have been massively slacking with my anime reviews and the top tens series that I promised months ago, but I just watched Fantastic Beasts and it was bloody amazing, so I'm going to talk about that instead right now.

All of the characters were well-defined, unique and likable, the story was creative, and the idea of the plot primarily being driven by the main character's briefcase letting things loose led to some very entertaining developments, while a second overarching plot was going on involving Ezra Miller as a squib involved in an anti-magic "New Salem" movement who was turning into a murderous death cloud. The interactions between the characters, as well as Newt's relationship with his creatures, were all very charming, and the budding unexpected relationship between Queenie and Kowalski led to some funny and some unbelievably touching moments.

However, the film was not without flaws. For one thing, there was an over-reliance on unconvincing CGI, even being used with goblins which I felt was completely unnecessary. Newt's giant four-winged bird "Frank" also didn't look very realistic.

I also didn't like the fact that (spoilers) Colin Farrel's character Graves was revealed to have been Grindlewald. I didn't like this because it was mentioned a few times that Grindlewald had followers/fanatics, and if Graves had been one of these I think it would have shown the extent of the influence that Grindlewald had and made him a far more sinister overarching antagonist in future movies. Instead we simply learned that he can brew polyjuice potion, which is far less impressive.

I also found that the random inclusions of the Harry Potter theme were a little jarring and unnecessary, and it seemed as though the filmmakers were just trying to remind the audience that the film was related to the Potter movies, as opposed to having confidence that the film could stand on its own. But it does and overall I would give it a 9 out of 10 and highly recommend it.

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