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If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people boycott things that are little and so stupid and dumb, especially when it's when people stop watching (or refuse to watch) a show just because of a single character leaving the show. Now, that being said, a great example of this is from the fans of a legendary show called 24. 24 was arguably one of the most intense shows on television, and because of its intensity, you would expect the show's fans to be intense, too. Most of the fans aren't just intense, they are stubborn as hell. So when it was announced back in January 2016 that a spin-off of the legendary show was in the works, fans (including myself) were excited to hear that FOX was going to try and bring it back. But when they announced that Jack Bauer, who was the main character of the original series, wasn't going to be involved with the spin-off, most fans didn't want to hear anything about it and would refuse to watch it when the show would return. Fans took their frustration out on FOX and made a hashtag called . Now look, I get it. It'll be hard to watch 24 without Jack's presence and him constantly yelling "dammit!" or "give me a name!" to the suspects, but c'mon people! Would you really stop watching the show just because Jack isn't going to be featured in it? He's stuck in a Russian prison somewhere in Moscow, he deserves a little peace and quiet and a day where he's not getting shot at, stabbed, beaten, tortured, etc. I know that's not exactly a place to have some true 100% peace and quiet, but at least he won't end up dead. How many bad days can a single man have? Especially when it involves constantly preventing terrorist attacks that could destroy most of the United States. Think about that for a second. I know his storyline didn't necessarily end in a way that we as fans would deem "peaceful," but it is what it is, we can't change that. Fans have to learn to move on. Yes, it won't be easy, but think of it like moving on from an ex boyfriend or an ex girlfriend. I know, it's not the same thing, but it's pretty similar to this situation. When a break up happens in any sort of relationship, it takes a long time to recover. At first you'll feel like there's no hope in the world and that you'll never be able to get over that certain someone that made you feel a way that no one else has in your life. But as time goes on and you start to see new people, see the world, open your eyes, and spread your horizon, the sadness and the feeling of hopelessness will begin to subside.

Now, I know that's a weird and unusual analogy to use in a situation like this, but if you really sit down and think about it, it actually makes sense. It's time to move on from Jack (for now at least.......) and give Eric Carter a chance to shine and be the new hero. 24: Legacy looks amazing. The trailers and sneak peeks prove that. Evan Katz, Manny Coto, Brian Grazer, and the brand new cast and crew are trying their hardest and working their asses off to bring you the best experience possible and to try and exceed high expectations of fans. A true 24 fan of this show will watch the show with or without Jack Bauer. You are NOT a true 24 fan if you will continue to boycott the show just because Jack will not be featured in the spin-off. You might as well stop watching the show, period. You should stop watching the show even if Jack returns to the show at all in the future. This hashtag and boycott is understandable, but is complete and utter bullshit that needs to stop. This hashtag and boycott means that those fans only focus on Jack and not the true stars of the show, which is the idea itself, the real time format, and the intensity of the show. If you think I'm crazy, listen to Kiefer Sutherland say it himself:

It's time to listen to Kiefer and start focusing on the true star of the show and somethinf other than Jack. It's time to focus on the show itself rather than a character who needs a day off.

Jack will be back, I give you my word, but for right now, let's give Corey Hawkins and 24: Legacy a chance to steal the spotlight. Let's learn to move on and give this show and its amazing cast and crew a chance.

Bottom Line: Give this show a chance. The true star of 24 is the idea itself and NOT Jack Bauer. It's time to let go of him (for now....). Not giving this show a chance will affect the futures of both Jack Bauer and the franchise. Don't criticize the show just because a single character won't appear on it. If you call yourself a true 24 fan, then prove it by giving 24: Legacy a chance. Who knows? Jack may appear in a later season or the long awaited 24 TV Movie. Give this brilliant, exciting, and nail biting show a chance to shine. If you can't, then guess what? You are NOT a true, dedicated 24 fan. As former Head of CTU Brian Hastings said in season eight,"You are valuable, but everyone is replaceable." Give this show a chance. Start using the hashtag .


Will you give "24: Legacy" a chance?

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