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In my speculation of the quote stated in the Dr wells post of being very different from season one. In my prsonal opinion I think he will be a very bad guy. maybe a maniacal genius wanting to take over the universe. Now the reasons why I have this opinion. even though in season one wells turned out to be a bad guy. in all actions he really was a nice good guy. He truly cared about the people around him. he may have had ulterior motives he helped with Ronnie when he did not have to he watched and cared for the flash. he only did bad things when people tended to find out who he really was or got in the way of changing the future. I think in season 2 he will be the leader of a group of bad guys controlling them to rule the universe. the lex Luther of the flash world. because in the alternate world that wells comes from we have no idea what his life was like and what life altering events that might have happened.

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