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Captain Jack & Co. Are Back!

The fifth installment in the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has released! Dead men tell no tales has hit cinemas across the world and regardless of what you think about the film, it reconnects with the original trilogy in familiar yet fresh ways. The movie finds our favorite rum soaked pirate down on his luck yet again, forced by fate to make uneasy alliances with an unlikely astronomer and the "evil spawn" of two old friends. It wouldn't be a Pirates movie without gags, jokes, mischievous shenanigans, and of course, a mystical artifact of classic nautical lore. Let us also not forget that Jack isn't Jack without some type of cursed villain, with whom he has a complicated past with, ferociously hunting Sparrow.

Unlike it's predecessor, On Stranger Tides, the new chapter in this epic saga attempts to reconnect with the original trilogy. For the first time in ten years, Jack Sparrow teams up with a Turner!

"You're the evil spawn of those two?"- Jack Sparrow to Henry Turner.
"You're the evil spawn of those two?"- Jack Sparrow to Henry Turner.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans across the world rejoiced when they learned of Orlando Bloom's reprisal of his role as Will Turner for Dead Men Tell No Tales. Despite how minimal of a role Will played in the film, we were intrigued as to what that role would be. Then, to further grind the gears of our theory creating minds, we learned that not only would William be returning, but also his son. Setting up a redemptive arc mirroring that of Will and Bootstrap Bill, Henry is bound and determined to break the curse that keeps his father away from his family. Now readers, ye be warned, spoilers lie ahead! Again, I say, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE MOVIE!

The Ending of Pirates 5

The Trident of Poseidon
The Trident of Poseidon

The action packed finale of Dead Men Tell No Tales sees Jack fight Captain Salazar for the Trident of Poseidon while Henry and Carina race to discover how to break the curses of the sea using the Trident. Henry deduces that in order to break the curses you have to break the Trident. Henry does just that and instantly every curse of the sea is broken.

With Will's curse broken, the Turners can finally be the family they've always wanted to be.
With Will's curse broken, the Turners can finally be the family they've always wanted to be.

To make a long story short, Henry returns home to his mother along with Carina. Standing atop a cliffside overlooking the sea, Henry takes out his spyglass to gaze upon the ocean that lay before him. Sitting in the water next to the cliff, Henry sees the Flying Dutchman, restored to it's pure form. Excited that his father's ship has returned, Henry then sees a familiar face pop up into his view. His father, William Turner, has returned to land also restored to his former glory. The curse of the Captain of the Flying Dutchman has been broken. After Will and Henry exchange a few words, Will sees his faithful wife racing over the hills to meet him. The two embrace each other and the Turner family is now a family again.

The ending scene between the Turners is beautiful. Will and Elizabeth endured so much during the original trilogy, only to have their love severed by an ancient curse. Then to make matters worse, Henry was forced to grow up without a father, suffering a similar childhood as his father. When it looked like the Turners would never find a happy ending, they finally got the one they all deserved. Everything was right in the world.

The Post-Credits Scene

Wait, I thought that he was.....
Wait, I thought that he was.....

Again this is major spoiler territory. So if you wish to remain surprised until the very end, DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT! This post-credits scene is arguably the best, yet most controversial, scene in the film. The implications of what I'm about to say for the future of this franchise is monumental to say the least.

The post-credit scene begins inside the bedroom of Will and Elizabeth Turner. The couple lay sound asleep on their bed. Ominous footsteps can be heard in the background. They crescendo louder as the camera angle shifts to the bedroom door. A mysterious looking shadowy figure begins to open the door. Overlooking the shadow of this unknown figure, the light behind it illuminates a chilling figure. As tentacles begin to writhe outward towards the unaware Turners, lightning flashes. A barnacle encrusted orange claw is raised into the air.

Suddenly, Will frighteningly awakes from his slumber. However, nobody else is in the room aside from his wife. Will then cradles Elizabeth and falls back asleep. Assuming everything was just a nightmare, the camera pans down beneath the bed. A puddle of water and barnacles come into view. The screen goes black.

What Does This Mean?

Now whether you've seen the scene in person or you just read it's synopsis here, you are probably wondering the same thing I was. If it was a nightmare, what's with the puddle and the barnacles? Maybe the fell off of Will? Not so. During the final scene of the movie, Will has been fully restored to his normal state. No aquatic anything is attached to him. That only leaves one option. Davy Jones has returned. But how is this possible? If the Trident broke every curse, how is Jones alive? Even if he is alive, why is he still in his cursed form? Shouldn't he be like Will and go back to his old self? After pondering the possibilities on my drive home from the movie, I came to one conclusion. This was not a nightmare. Jones has returned and this is exactly how it happened.

When Will stabbed Davy Jones's heart in At World's End, he became the new Captain of the Dutchman. That obviously meant he had to ferry souls that died at sea to the afterlife. The first person to die at sea after Will has become the new Captain is Davy Jones and because of this, I think that Davy Jones was the very first person Will had to help ferry to the other side. After Bootstrap Bill cut out his son's heart, I believe that Will Turner and Davy Jones had this very awkward "passing the torch" type of thing. Will took Jones to the other side and while doing this, Jones saw Will become everything that he was meant to be.

Now we know that Davy Jones corrupted his purpose that was given to him by Calypso. In doing that he corrupted himself, the Dutchman, and his crew. Something that goes overlooked that was also corrupted by Jones was the afterlife. I believe that the original afterlife that souls were to be brought to was to be a happy and beautiful place where people could finally be at peace. Unfortunately, whenever Jones corrupted his purpose, he turned the afterlife into a living hell for those who dwelt within it. Assuming this to be true, this would mean that whenever Will took over as Captain, everything was restored to what it was originally intended to be. There was no more locker, but instead there was now peace after death. That would mean after his death, Davy Jones would now be able to find his peace. What would his peace be? An eternity with his one true love, Calypso. Now let's flash forward to the events of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

With the Trident destroyed, every curse is broken. That would have to include the Dutchman's curse. The duty that bound Will Turner and Davy Jones to the ship was now lifted. This means that the commission gave to Jones by Calypso, which was inherited by Turner, became meaningless. There is no more need for souls to be ferried to the afterlife because there is no afterlife. Everything regarding the afterlife and it's respective duties were destroyed whenever the Trident was destroyed.

If there is no more afterlife, then there is no place for the dead to go once they die. So what would happen to them? Nothing. Once their dead, their dead. Then how has Jones able to come back? I believe he had a little help from his lover. Now that the Dutchman's curse was broken, Jones and Calypso could no longer be together. Furious at this Calypso would bring Davy Jones back to life, using her powers, so that she could unleash her revenge on the Turner family.

What Do You Think?

Again, this is a theory that I have developed myself. Part of this is based on things I would like to see happen of a sixth movie is made, while parts of this are based on actual knowledge and facts that we can obtain through watching the films. In my opinion, this would be the perfect set up for a sixth Pirates movie. You're bringing back the best villain of the franchise in a way that makes sense and would be incredibly awesome to see. At the same time, you're making a way for Will and Elizabeth to be relevant to the story again. If we're being honest, Pirates of the Caribbean isn't what it used to be. However, I feel like this new installment has set up some crazy potential for a fitting finale to the series. But I want to hear from you! What is your interpretation of the Dead Men Tell No Tales end-credits scene? Do you like my theory? Give me your feedback in the comments below!


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