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This weekend, when David Robert Mitchell's acclaimed new indie horror film It Follows (currently sitting an unprecedented 96 Percent Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) hits theaters, audiences will be treated to an intense meditation on the connection between sex and death which takes a familiar trope and turns it on its head in a unique way. The story follows Jay, (Maika Monroe) an innocent teenage girl, who, following a sexual encounter with a would-be suitor, finds herself the target of a vengeful spirit which transfers from person to person via, you guessed it, boning.

Horror movies have not historically been known for their liberal attitude towards sex. Though It Follows may go a step further than usual, evil spirits and masked slashers have always loved targeting promiscuous floozies or hunky players - especially if they've just done the deed. As horror expert Randy (Jaime Kennedy) so adeptly explained in Scream, the number one rule for surviving a horror movie is to abstain completely from sex:

With that in mind, let's take a look at some unlucky sexpot Horror characters who broke this rule and paid the ultimate, gory price:

Spear Of Love (Friday The 13th Part II)

An oldie but a goodie. When Jason Vorhees encounters two nubile lovers getting "together" in one of the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake, he makes sure they stay together... for good.

Doggy Style Decapitation (Hatchet 2):

In which a freaky hick tries to get down with his lover in the forest, only to receive a nasty surprise in the form of the merciless Victor Crowley.

Sinister Snow Sex (Jack Frost)

This busty bombshell is just trying to take a relaxing hot bath. Instead, she ends up getting raped to death by a giant, sentient snowman. Now that's cold.

Tent Terror (Jason Goes To Hell)

Jason remains the pre-eminent killer of naked lovers, as evidenced by this brutal shovel murder.

Fatal Fellatio (Brain Damage)

A loose young woman performs oral sex on a mutated sicko, only to find out the hard way that his manhood has a deranged mind of its own...

Tree Rape (Evil Dead Remake)

Much has been made of the tree rape sequence in the original Evil Dead, but let's give some much deserved shine to the equally wrenching rendering of that arboreal attack in the underrated 2013 remake.

Although these scenes run the gamut from silly to disturbing, none of them come close to matching the psychological complexity and nuance of the brilliant It Follows.

If you want to see a horror movie that utilizes the concept of sex in a visceral, intelligent way, then definitely go check out It Follows when it hits theaters this Friday. You won't be sorry!

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