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Umm, Hi. My name is Diego, I am a socially awkward human being, I love writing, and I love geeking out to my favorite movies and tv shows!

So American Horror Story remains one of the most thrilling and gory shows out there. From Necrophilia to Serial Killers, American Horror Story handles anything horror related so when it was revealed that AHS' next season would center the 2016 election, I a long time fan (If I may say so myself) was shocked but also not really. Ryan revealed that the next season would revolve around the election but when asked if Hillary or Donald would make an appearance he responded with a quick and simple answer, no. Ryan Murphy is incredibly well known for shocking his fans with twists and turns nobody saw coming in ALL of his shows so it isn't really much of a surprise for him to be so interested in making a show or season about it. He released a teaser of the upcoming season projected on a wall of w a t e r.

YEAH! I know! I am S H O O K to my core. I mean ingenious amirite? Here is the clip.

Props to Joe 'cause we all needed to see that now or never + It looks awesome.

Anyway in the title I wrote the that AHS: Cult was an alternate reality. I mean to me it is. outcome of the election is the same and America divided in the same way. I call it an alternate reality because I'm sure there's not a Cult happening anywhere in the White House so of course I think that in an alternate reality that would exist. Never fear this is a Pt. 1 and once that premiere comes out you better BELIEVE that Pt. 2 will come at you.

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