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It may not allow you to punch through walls, but a fully functional bionic arm modeled after Deus Ex protagonist Adam Jensen now exists. Created by Open Bionics, whose amazing mission is to create affordable bionic limbs, and in partnership with Deus Ex series developer Eidos Montréal, this new bionic limb has gone down in the Guinness World Records as the first bionic arm to be based on a video game.

Dan Melville, who was born without a right arm, is the recipient of the bionic limb and can be seen below showcasing his new arm and sporting attire similar to Jensen.

From a video released last year showing the arm in prototype stages, Dan claimed his desire was to never have a second arm in the natural sense, but as a fan of sci-fi he wished to have something more; thanks to advances in science and Open Bionics his wish is now realized.

Are We Closer To Living In Deus Ex?

The recent Deus Ex games are all about human augmentation and deal with all forms of morality and political debate about people having bionic limbs. The latest entry, , is set around the idea of mechanical apartheid with those with mechanical augmentations being shunned from society. While the mechanical apartheid aspect of the games' world is (hopefully) not realistic, looking towards the future of such technology is fun. Not to mention the amount of amputees like Melville it'll be able to help.

But just like , as the technology furthers, these questions have to be asked, will we be able to opt for these kind of augmentations by choice? Will these be able to surpass natural limbs? Maybe Open Bionics will be the real-life Sarif Industries and can answer all these questions.

Those Deus Ex live-action trailer are pretty crazy. [Credit: Eidos Montréa]
Those Deus Ex live-action trailer are pretty crazy. [Credit: Eidos Montréa]

While the technology was great in the games despite the future being so bleak, let's just hope as this technology advances that we're able to reap the rewards and not the dystopian setting with it.

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