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They skipped anakins gradual learning and mastery of yhe light saber, it frlt like it was simply put in his hand and all was perfect, same with obi wan. The original trilogy took us through each phase of luke becoming a jedi; learning about the force after the tragedy of losing his guardians. Sucking badly when first holding the light saber, his teacher dying and then coming back as a ghost and guiding him through the attack on the death star, to lukes growing power in summoning the saber to his aid against the snow monster and ben appearing again to send luke to yoda and then yoda putting him through physical training and guiding luke through his visions, testing him with the good and bad parts of the force. It was satisfying seeing him reach to a level good enough to fight vader. And then seeing it all put together in jedi. That is character development and telling a story properly.

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