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Four words. That's all it took to shake fans of Gilmore Girls to their very core at the end of the Season 8 revival. If you haven't watched Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life yet, do so now before preliminary talks surrounding Season 9 become a reality and we end up spoiling the whole thing for you.

Ready? Ok, so remember when Rory revealed that she was pregnant and discovering the identity of her father became more important to you than life itself? So do we, which is why we tried our best to narrow down the possible suspects a few months back. Luckily for us though, one of the prime candidates has finally spoken out on whether he is in fact the father and the answer might surprise you. Brace yourselves...

Is Jess The Father Of Rory's Baby?

During a Gotham-themed panel at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, Milo Ventimiglia was asked whether he would return for another revival, playing Jess in a ninth season of Gilmore Girls. The answer wasn't exactly promising for fans as Ventimiglia felt that the show was now in his past:

"It was a great time. Jess was a fun character, but I always remind people that it was 16 years ago in the past. I'm very happy that the fans and the audience got those last four episodes. They should be happy with that."

However, just before talk returned to Gotham, Ventimiglia dropped a bombshell on the audience, finally revealing whether Jess was in fact the father of Rory's baby:

"Just so you know, its not Jess's kid."

There you have it. Once you've finished consoling the younger version of yourself who always hoped that Rory and Jess would end up together, dry your eyes and read on to help us figure out who the baby daddy really is.

So Who Is The Father Of Rory's Baby?

While this might be a blow for fans hoping that Jess and Rory could raise a child together, Ventimiglia's words also lend further credence to what many already suspect: Logan is in fact the father.

The most clear evidence of this came from an interview that TVLine conducted with Amy Sherman-Palladino. At first, the show's creator firmly established exactly why the identity of the father wasn't revealed on the show, explaining that:

"I’m not being cryptic [about who the father is]. I just want to keep the focus on what the story point is. It’s not about the boy. It’s about her."

This makes total sense. Despite our burning desire for the show to continue, ending the final episode on this note brought everything full freakin' circle. However, it's exactly this circular approach which hints how Sherman-Palladino's next words may have confirmed Logan's newfound parenthood.

When asked whether Logan and Rory's arc was intentionally written to parallel that of Christopher and Lorelai’s storyline, Sherman-Palladino gave a definitive answer:


Given that this comes straight from the writer of herself, this seems like a fairly strong confirmation that Logan is the father of Rory's baby.

Catch up and double check for clues in our compressed run through of the entire show below:

Of course, without direct confirmation, there's still a chance that someone else could still be the father of the latest addition to the Gilmore family. Let's just hope that decide to develop a revival of the revival and bring back the rest of the cast. Sure, we may never see Jess on our screens again, but at least we know that Kirk will probably return. That's a start, right?

Who do you think the father of Rory's baby is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source: TVLine)

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