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So, as the new Power Rangers movie is only two months away, we are all wanting more information, a new trailer or some new and exciting images which make us remember how horrendously dope the Piwer Rangers are. But the biggest question on everyone's mind and mine especiall, will we see a green ranger???

Now, speculation about the original green rangers return in a full role or cameo has been suggested. Jason David Frank brought so much to the role and it'd be amazing even if we just saw a cameo (full role preferred please Lionsgate). No doubt everyone has that very same question where is the Green Ranger???

Well, I came across an image on Facebook which excited the crap out of me, yet worried me a little, as it's been question whether or not Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa is a former green Ranger, or has killed the Green Ranger and took his/her place.

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa (or Green Ranger?!?)
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa (or Green Ranger?!?)

Now, take a long hard look at the staff and the glowing green thing. If my eyes are correct that looks like a power coin. And not just any Power coin.....A GOLD AND GREEN POWER COIN!!!! As we all remember, in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series Tommy's Power coin was gold, which is awesome and all the others were silver. In the trailer for the movie, all the power coins are clear with the Rangers colours in the correct? Now here is the exciting part, WHAT IF?! Just what if, that power coin is of a golden yellow colour with the colour of green in the middle......THE SAME AS THE OTHER RANGERS?! Excuse me for the caps but this could be exci news as we have had little confirmation of any other Rangers or in fact much else. Now I would say take this all with a massive jug size pinch of salt and nobody really knows what going on. Here is a further photo from on the set and from the film.

Here is an even closer look at Rita's staff, to me that looks like it has the potential to be a power coin. As in the trailer Rita tells Trini that shes killed Rangers before, and is it possible that her Prize kill was the Green Ranger, and was he the first? Did they hold an alliance until Lord Zedd turned up and made Rita killer the Power Ranger? At this point, we won't know until March which I am buzzing for, it is what I have been waiting for, a grittier movie which goes into depth about each characte, and I guarantee I will be buying tickets and when it does, you will get an honest review and how it lived up to my expectations, sorry if this wasn't very long but I just jumped in and wanted to share something that could bring people joy and hope for the film.

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Watch the trailer below!

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