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Even before the initial release of, probably the most divided (as far as fans and critics go) film of the year, back in August, was already the centerpiece of attention. For some (myself included), the villains-slightly-turned-heroes was one of our most anticipated films of the entire year. I mean, who wasn't hyped for such a great flick? Quite a few people obviously. Sure it had its flaws, like every other single movie out there, but still, with a great cast as some of the best villains in the entirety of comic books, what wasn't to love? It had great action, a phenomenal director, and some of the best marketing I've ever seen — besides of course. Though, why did such a great summer blockbuster get so much hate?

Well, one of the biggest reasons (and really the only reason I'm going to even go into), is the fact that people didn't agree with/like the film at all — especially the feminists.

Now, Feminists are women who practice feminism. Feminism means, the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. So in simpler terms, women who want to be equal to men. Let's continue:

The feminists bashed some of the characters and the movie before it hit cinemas/theaters all around the globe. Y'see, when those first few images were even released for the film, feminists were already dumping bucket loads of hate on the project - more so with one particular character, and her lover.

Harley Quinn And The Joker

The women amongst the Feminist clan furiously stated their opinion on Margot Robbie's look, and then complained at how "over-sexualized" her/the character was. wore fishnet stockings, stilletos, a pair of underwear (which showed her buttcheeks), and a lower-cut shirt (that showed stomach) - so, kinda sexy. But, I kind of agree with her being a little too sexualized, though, you also have to look at what's going on in the movie to even understand it perfectly. And yes folks, the studio even signed off on the costume as you can't just blame the director.

Sexualized In The Comics

Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992, quickly became a fan-favorite character, and soon entered the world of comic books. A couple prime examples of Harley being a sexualized character, comes from her overall look in the comics and the lore, and another great example - 2008's graphic novel, Joker. is a beautifully done graphic novel (all around), with a great writer - Brian Azzarello, and phenomenally illustrated by . The book shows Ms. Quinzel as a stripper (which we see in ) and as a scantily clad psychopath (which we also see in the movie). So pretty comicbook accurate to be exact.

That's Beside the Point...

With the rumor that surfaced during the movie's filming, that the Joker and Harley were to have an abusive relationship, Feminists again went ballistic. They were outraged at such a thing..."How could something like that happen," a lot of women and their "agendas" said. Well, for one thing, Mister J is a psychotic sociopath (which Jared Leto showed perfectly), so it's not that surprising of a fact...but in retrospect, their relationship wasn't AT ALL as abusive as it was portrayed. Sure he offered his girl to Common's Monster T (which ended horribly for him), and the Joker threw Dr. Harleen Quinzel into that vat of acid at , but that was about it. I didn't see anything but love...sick and twisted love no doubt, but love nonethelss. The studio even cut that one scene short in the , where the Joker was supposed to back hand her across the face after she pulled his gun on him. Even still, if someone pulled a gun on you, what would you do? But we don't have to worry about that anyway, because it wasn't in either of the movies.

The Other Thing...

Now, with the film in the pipeline, fans are overjoyed...even the so called "Feminists." EVEN with the possibility of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn reportedly getting a little freaky - some kisses and a possible relationship. How in the world, would THAT not "over sexualize" things? Where's the Feminists and their agendas now? That doesn't make a lick of sense - two women...making out, possibly doing a little more than that, how is that honestly okay? In the words of Ben Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne,

As most people know, you can go to any pornographic website and see women doing WAY more than share a little kiss...the question is, "Where do Feminists draw the line?"

It's okay for women to show of their bodies on adult websites and out in public, but not on film? It's okay for for women to sell themselves, and further the stereotypical "whore" attitude? Is it okay for two women, or men, to be together?

So they stand for something, but when some-THINGS way worse, it's okay as well? Tell me, since when, if it's RIGHT, or a right, do you have to fight for it if it's actually okay? If somethings wrong, and you know it is, why fight for it knowing that it's wrong?

Two people of the same sex was always wrong, but now its right (not a right mind you), a scantily clad female in a film is wrong...and it's still wrong? Honestly, where is the sense in that? Women objectifying themselves is wrong, but where is the freedom in being able to choose for ones self what they want to be "categorized" as? Now that's not saying you can change your gender, since when can you give a woman male genitalia and vice versa? You can't change a birth certificate, and you can't change what you were created as, but thats wrong? Where is the sense in that people?

I don't know about you, but where in the definiton of Feminism, is any of these things I've listed, mentioned? They aren't. Hypocrites.

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