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Kurt Sutter isn't done with the universe yet. Ever since the beautiful series finale back in December of 2014, the series creator/writer/aficionado has stated countless times at how much he wants a spin-off show, that will basically (in my words, not his), "fill the void in fan's hearts where Sons of Anarchy once was." Sure, regardless of what we get, it won't truly fill in that void, but one thing is for sure:

Mayans MC Is Getting A Pilot

If you've been following the news regularly the past few months, you'll know that ordered the pilot for , which roughly translates to, "Go ahead and film it." So we should expect to see the series later this year...probably September, October, or November sometime. Pretty exciting stuff. The official plot:

Mayans MC is set in a post Jax Teller world, where EZ Reyes, a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the Cali/Mexi border, struggles with his desire for vengeance against the cartel, and his need for respect from the women he loves.

However, that doesnt mean that Charlie Hunnam, himself, or other members apart of SOA, might not make an appearance. For all we know, the series could start off at Jax's funeral.

Though, if you can remember back to when Mr. Sutter was first in talks to do a spin-off, earlier in 2016, he mentioned doing two (a prequel and a sequel), now, there's a possibility of two more.

The First 9

I know I've reported on this news before, speculating on what we could possibly see in the then rumored shows, but this is people! You can't stop.

Not familiar with what is? Well, everything has a beginning, and The First 9 is 's beginning. The motorcycle gang was started by Jax Teller's father, John (the founder), and eight other men.

About a month ago, on Tom Arnold's podcast, Honest Pretty Much..., Kurt Sutter talked with Arnold about the future plans he had for SOA. While speaking about the Mayans MC series, the creator mentioned what exactly he visualized about it. He thought the Sons Of Anarchy story should take place in four chapters - SOA and Mayans MC being the first two, and the third being all about John's manuscript and how the club came about.

Kurt spoke of when and where he'd like The First 9 to happen, he told Tom Arnold,

We’ll find a way to shine a little light on perhaps John Teller’s manuscript, if we’re lucky enough to continue. And then what I would do is, not directly, but I would use that as a potential launching point to do the prequel. And that to me is a one off, it’s like 10 episodes -it’s not a series. And whether we do that in between seasons on Mayans I’m not sure, but that would sort of happen tangentially to that.

He went on to say,

It would begin in vietnam with John Teller and Piney Winston and it would be about them coming back to America. Ideally to do each episode have a new member join. Maybe at that point Gemma’s there but it’s before Jax is born.

As the year goes on, we should get more information on , , and that other spin-off not mentioned during his interview.

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