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The fifth installment in the franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars, officially opened in cinemas today, and it doesn't look good. Like at all people. Already, with its early reviews, almost every film critc is saying that the movie is just SO bad! It strives to be great, but just falls short too quickly.

Some have even gone as far to say that the film was doomed to fail right out of the get-go. Though, that doesn't mean that it's a straight-up dumb or stupid film - it has its flaws. However, if you are a fan of the Underworld series like I am, then you'll probably enjoy the movie. It isn't the greatest in the series, but it's still good - in a sense - nonetheless.

The Problem?

The director, , brought something new and different to the series, which is nice to see being that this IS the fifth installment, but overall, it's the same old things we've seen in the previous films before. Anna is able to bring new aspects, and continue to push the story forward, but, this is a true case of bad writing - which isn't really her fault. It feels as if the writers can't come up with something new. There's only about six total minutes of action, and the villain is fairly mediocre, like all villains seemingly are these days.

The Story?

The war between , vampires, and the humans, continues on and David and Selene are still in charge of the Death Dealers. Scott Speedman's, Michael, again doesn't appear, and his disappearance is skimmed over. Selene’s daughter, like her father, is nowhere in sight. A few new things happen here and there, but it just mimics things that have already happened before.


Don't get me wrong, the movie IS enjoyable, IF YOU LIKE THE SERIES. I enjoyed it, but I love the franchise. So, if you are new, watch the first four films before, and then go and see this one. is sexy as ever, and she gets a GREAT new hairstyle to go with her sleek black signature bodysuit.

Five Word Review: Awesome, but falls short too.

For all things movies, comics, and superheroes...keep it here!

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