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Life is a wicked street play. Sometimes it's so confusing to figure it out that who is at the laughing end. Is it us playing with life, or is the other way around. Currently there are 267 million people in India who comes under 'MIDDLE CLASS'. We 'middle class people' are very funny in our own way. We call ourselves middle class but try to act or show something way above what we really are. Disclaimer, Not all of us are like that, may be a few fractions. So don't go crazy on me and call me a judgemental asshole. So here I list out 7 modern day ways to show our status symbols.

We can buy Apple Products just to showcase our TASTE.

For some owners it is still a product with a leftover apple logo at its back. They have no idea about who the fuck is SIRI and more surprisingly what are it's specifications.

We can wear JOCKEY undergarments, and if possible, try to show it by wearing low waist jeans.

If you can't afford an iPhone, try to afford an undergarment whose price is almost half of our electricity bill.

We can watch movies or popular TV Shows from Hollywood on NETFLIX.

Even though we don't have interest in them.

We can troll McDonalds and Dominos on their tastes.

But we can instead buy a worthless cup of coffee from Starbucks and post it on Instagram.

We can tag Chetan Bhagat's work as 'Beginner' and put up with John Green's famous Novel.

Apparently John Green's work is also facing the same fate. No wonder people are understanding his novel 'Fault In Our Stars' after the release of the movie based on this novel itself.

Post about trending topics on social media sites.

We can choose any topic from trending twitter charts and can share the most intellectual tweet on Facebook portraying it as our own personal opinion.

We can abide with 'NO FIRST TEXT' policy.

Hang up to your ego, make sure you don't text him/her first. Let the other person comes to you for help.

We can come late at parties or at social gathering.

Make them wait for you. Remember it's a criteria and its cool !

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