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Indoor plants are a great way to add a bit of color and zen to your living space. There are many plants that require little maintenance in order to live healthily and be happy. Let’s look at some common low maintenance household plants, perfect for sprucing up your indoor environment.

1. Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree

These gorgeous, deep rich purple flowered trees are the perfect plant for indoor landscaping. These trees require next to no pruning, making them easy to care for. They grow quickly and are able to be separated at the roots in order to create subsequent trees. With regular watering and moderate sunlight, these trees make the perfect plant for your indoor windowsill.

2. Snake Plant

This succulent will add the perfect dose of greenery to your indoor living space. Simply put them in a small pot with some potting soil and low-light sun exposure, and these plants will thrive. Even when left for weeks at a time, these hearty plants will still look lively and fresh. Best of all? They clean the air in your home, removing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene (Source).

3. Bromeliads

Looking to add a burst of color to your indoor living area? These low upkeep, long-blooming plants are ideal for interior spaces. These plants grow easily in a wood container filled and surrounded by moss, which allows for moisture to stay within the soil. They require bright light and modest amounts of water, making them the ideal indoor plant. With this easy to care for plant, less water is more beneficial than overwatering. This plant looks great in your home, office, or any interior space.

4. Jade Plant

The Jade Plant originates from South Africa and is one of the most popular household plants across the globe. Known as the ‘lucky plant’, it is the most popular of succulents and thought to bring good luck and prosperity. This extra low maintenance succulent houseplant is great for sitting on windowsills. Place these plants in a clay planter and make sure they are in direct sunlight. Let the soil completely dry out between waterings and make sure to keep them in an indoor space that is around 75 degrees.

5. Devils Ivy (also known as Pothos)

This indoor plant will give your interior space the foliage it needs to feel cozy. They are full in figure and grow quickly with little care, making them the perfect plant to have and forget about. They prefer low-light areas and dry soil which makes them great for bedrooms and living room spaces. Devils Ivy has its roots in China, Japan, and India, and were first used in interior spaces as a way to negate negative energy and bad luck.

Final Thoughts

These top five, low maintenance plants are great for adding a splash of color and greenery to your indoor space. Having various plants throughout your home will not only boost your morale, it also has health benefits such as lowering the carbon dioxide levels in your home. Bring the outdoors in with a variety of plants and flowers that are bound to make your home comfortable and cozy. Check out Chive for a wide selection of indoor flora!

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