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There's been plenty of coverage recently about the future of Luke Skywalker. There have also been a few cases made about his transition into a Grey Jedi.

It's worth exploring this further. Let's start by looking at the events from the original trilogy.

How affected was Luke's mental state after watching his Father come back to the light, and then pass away?

Luke seemingly never really swayed from the light side. But Emperor Palpatine could sense a lot of anger within him. He also felt he had a good shot at swaying him, as did Vader. Now, why would they think that?

Under certain circumstances, even the most reputable Jedi have been turned. We learned that fear and anger lead to the dark side in the original series.

Luke had a pretty rough time of it in Episode VI, being tortured and watching his Father die in front of him. He's also had to deal with the knowledge of his Father's atrocities.

Who knows how this might have affected him in the last 40 years? That's some trauma to deal with for such a long time. It's enough to make you consider a few things about good and evil, light and dark.

Darth Vader's death must have been pretty traumatising
Darth Vader's death must have been pretty traumatising

What did we learn in Episode VII? It's hard to tell because Luke was barely in it, but a lot of references were made.

Luke has had another tragedy. He had clearly spent a lot of time developing a new Jedi training facility and one of his students had turned to the dark side, and then killing his students. These were the actions of his own nephew.

Luke then isolated himself, but why? He could have fought Kylo Ren and repaired some of the damage caused. But, what if he was protecting others?

Perhaps he felt the anger swelling within him again, and chose to hide himself away, rather than act on all of that rage? Could this have made him shift towards a Grey Jedi?

Also, that grey outfit is pretty suggestive huh?

Star Wars also needs to go in a new direction, and get with the times. Showcasing the balance between light and dark seems like a good way to go.

I like to think that movies have generally moved on from the notion that people are either good or bad.

A common theme with modern movies, and one that I enjoy, is that the difference between good and evil is actually very narrow. It's commonly down to circumstance, perception and your environment.

What it really comes down to is your choices, and that's what I hope this potential transition from light and dark to grey is all about. It could be about the acceptance that there is a balance and you have the potential to be both evil and good, rather than exclusively one or the other.

Maybe this is what Luke has decided too. It would certainly be very rational and give a new, modern perspective to Star Wars.

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