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The demand for director Andy Muschietti has been strong in the wake of the increased promotion for the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It. Muschietti has just two major films under his belt, but he seems to have already found his follow-up project to the horror classic as he's attached himself to the upcoming adaptation of Robotech for Sony Pictures.

Robotech [Credit: Harmony Gold USA]
Robotech [Credit: Harmony Gold USA]

is based off the 1985 anime cartoon series originally produced by Harmony Gold USA and Tatsunoko Productions. The series ran for 85 episodes over the span of three seasons, fairly impressive for an animated series in the '80s. The story was set in the future where giant robots were created from a crashed alien spacecraft, and humans began using the technology to fight off an impending alien invasion.

Muschietti will join his creative partner and sister Barbara Muschietti for the project, as well as Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton, for the production to be partnered with Sony Pictures. Robotech will be only his third major directorial credit. The rising star in Hollywood originally made a name for himself with the 2013 horror-thriller, Mama, starring Jessica Chastain. Shortly after, was hired to replace director Cary Fukunaga for the Warner Bros. reboot of It, which is receiving positive buzz thanks to trailers that have hooked old fans and new alike:

Sony landing on Muschietti is a positive sign for horror fans as it likely means that his work on It has proven him to be a solid director despite very little big studio experience.

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[Source: Variety]

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