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I'm that one guy you get annoyed with because he talks about movies too much, but I'm also the one guy you love to talk movies with.

: The Last Jedi sounds like a fitting title, one that definitely differentiates itself from the rest of the saga. But who is it referring to? It would be safe to assume that it relates to Luke Skywalker, who was last seen stranded on Ach-To at the end of The Force Awakens. It could also mean Jedi in the plural sense, are there more hiding besides Luke?

The title raises a whole lot of questions but what is even more intriguing is the color of its title. The Star Wars logo, which is now sporting the color red, makes the film seem far darker than its previous installments, though Rian Johnson has expressed all the fun the film has to offer. It will also be interesting how it concludes the arc of General Leia, since Lucasfilm vowed not to use the character past in a computer generated nature. One thing is for sure, the Resistance will be facing a looming threat with The First Order's growing forces.

What do you think about the title?

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