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Im just a fan of the scifi comicon genre

The idea is to put together the ultimate suicide squad consisting of your favorite villains. So here is my team.

So I start with a leader that has little regard for anything or anyone that gets in the way of his goals. But who likes that hard ass. I figured I'd like someone that's more of a smart ass, and Loki fits the bill!

What team would be complete without that ruthless killer. Knows their only job is to end someone else's mission, goal, or life! So who better than Darth Maul to assign those tasks to?

Who would you have as your goto, to be the consummate back up, in case someone failed or were having trouble? The one you can call on to get anything done at any cost. For me that would fall to Venom!

And last but certainly not least the muscle, the brute, Loki's body guard if you will... Doomsday! Who better than the beast that ended Superman?

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