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He is old for the part (when Danny comes back from K'un-Lun, he would have been 19), but he looks very young for his age. He's already listed as "rumored" for the role on iMdB... Taylor Lautner (Twilight) is into Karate and would look the age, but his dark complexion wouldn't fit the part (*if* you are like me and think Danny should really look out of place in Hell's Kitchen as he's hanging with Luke, Misty and Colleen). William Zabka (the antagonist in the original Karate Kid movie) might be excellent for a role like this - even though he would be 50... he still looks much younger... Mathis Landwehr is another "blondie" who could do the job and is only 35. Brandon Rhea could do the job, but he may be too "pretty". And... ... ... if Marvel were to want to cast a female Danielle Rand, we could go with Lorraine Ziff!,manual

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