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Every superhero and villain have their origin on how they became a superhero or supervillain.While The Clown Prince Of Crime has many origins over the years.We still have no clue to his name or which origin should be considered the most truthful.But, as know DC likes to reboot or relaunch every once in a while which in turn changes the origins.We are talking about the Joker here who over the years has been a constant thorn for Batman over the years, causing chaos and mayhem wherever he goes.

Let's Look At His Origins From 'The Killing Joke' To 'The New 52'

Joker falls into the vat of chemicals [Credit:DC Comics]
Joker falls into the vat of chemicals [Credit:DC Comics]

We have to dive deep into Joker's origin in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke which is widely considered the Joker's origin.In, The Killing Joke Jack is a comedian who desperately works to earn money for his wife. Doing so he makes a deal with mobsters to rob a chemicals company. Presuming, it's Ace Chemicals which is well known for lore. At the time Batman comes in to stop Jack which is under disguise as the Red Hood. Afterward, Batman knocks him down accidently in which Jack falls down into the vat of acid.Then becomes the Joker.

But, on Batman Confidential the story played out a little different.This take on the had some similarities between The Killing Joke, otherwise, there were some differences.Jack is already a brilliant criminal and mastermind, no concern for human life.He isn't working alone as finds out that he uses the local crime lord to assist him.When the gangster found out that Jack wants to have his territory the gangster poured a whole lot of chemical acid.We know the rest.

Back to The New 52 in this retelling, we find out that he has an abusive aunt when Jack was a little kid.Jack only wanted to make the world laugh but in turn, he's aunt scarred Jack with chemicals on his face.Surprisingly, became the Joker (again) in the process.

We see a pattern emerging here which in turn suggests that Jack had a horrible childhood, and in all of the retellings some sort of chemical incident happened to him.No matter what retelling it is Joker did have a tragic life and the comics prove it.

But,the question plaguing comic-book readers is....

What Is Joker's Real Name?

'Batman Arkham Asylum'[Credit: WB]
'Batman Arkham Asylum'[Credit: WB]

Joker's name has however been a mystery but we do know that the name starts with J.In,The Killing Joke before he was the Joker.He was referred to as Jack.Joker's growing popularity some comic-book fans are so confused that we might never find out his real name.Besides, some comic-book readers claim his name is Joe-Ker. That's just basically saying another way of saying Joker.

Now, his comic-book origins depending on how shocking or unfortunate it may be reflects that it takes one bad day to become insane.Readers may not find out his real name anytime soon.The only lead we have got is on The Killing Joke where he's referred to as Jack.Until, the comics drops some hints and clues to what his real name his.

Despite Joker's origin and his name readers may ever find out his real identity.Which origin is truthful the comic-book readers will never find out for sure. But, whether it's falling down into to the vat of chemicals or having abusing parents. We may never find out Joker's true origin.

What is Joker's true origin? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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