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We all have hopes on why Adam Warlock should appear in Avengers: Infinity War, the grand finale which is building up on getting Thanos's hands on the infinity stones.But, as the cast list confirmed all 60 plus characters returning in . There are two new characters missing from the list which includes our favorite Wall-Crawler (Spider-Man) and Adam Warlock.

Marvel may have played this game before but I am pretty sure we'll be seeing him sooner or later.Pretty safe bet that Adam will either turn up on Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 or either on Avengers: Infinity War.

Adam Warlock Is An Integral Part Of The Story

Warlock beats Thanos [Credit:Marvel Comics]
Warlock beats Thanos [Credit:Marvel Comics]

Now only comic-book fans like us now why Adam Warlock is such an important character specifically on the arc Avengers Infinity Gauntlet.In which Thanos gets the gauntlet destroying half of the universe in the process and killing half of the Marvel heroes while doing it.In which Nebula gets the gauntlet from Thanos, reverses time so the heroes can triumph him again.And since Nebula is confirmed for the casting list we might see her redeem herself.

Back to Adam Warlock, Adam Warlock is also the "key" to defeating Thanos.While we do have 60 plus characters confirmed having Adam Warlock in the will not only please the fans but add more depth to the MCU.In that story, Adam defeats Thanos with the help of , when he puts on the gauntlet he becomes so much powerful that he creates a doppelganger called Magus.

He Is A Fresh Character To Bring In The MCU

Adam Warlock [Credit: Marvel Entertainment]
Adam Warlock [Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

Doctor Strange did introduce magic and hinted at cosmic beings into the MCU, so seeing Adam in Avengers: Infinity War might not be a long shot after all.However, did make a reference to The Living Tribunal . So, Doctor Strange and Infinity War could be a doorway to introducing new cosmic-beings.And since Adam Warlock has a soul gem on his forehead it would be great to see on screen.He also teamed up and Infinity Watch.

Now, here's hoping that Adam Warlock makes an appearance on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, and James Gunn is already introducing Ayesha.

Now, the only problem?

Vision Is Already an Adam Warlock-Like Character

Behold The Vision!  [Credit:Marvel Entertainment]
Behold The Vision! [Credit:Marvel Entertainment]

Already in the MCU, we have an Adam Warlock-like character who is a synthezoid.Which in this case is that Vision is more like a humanoid who understands problems.In, Adam Warlock's origin we know that he was created by a group of alien scientists to create a perfect being named "Him", another name of Adam Warlock.We know that before Avengers: Infinity War Thanos will have to snatch 's Mind Stone before the war.

So, there's that and Tony Stark is also playing a scientist's role in the MCU.Which in turn makes sense because he's a genius,brilliant inventor.

Now who should be cast as Adam Warlock in the MCU? I would say, Stephen Amell, because in in the flashbacks he has the right hair needed for him.

Now, whether James Gunn includes him or not remains to be seen.But, since Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever expanding we might have a chance of seeing Adam Warlock. After all, he's a cosmic being and we might see the cosmic beings in Avengers: Infinity War.Whatever happens in the MCU, we all hope that Adam Warlock gets introduced at some point.

Should Adam Warlock appear on Avengers: Infinity War? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!


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