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With, a stellar cast and a great director Taika Waititi this looks to be the best movie yet.While, the other two Thor movies didn't hit the mark both financially, as well as critically.It looks like Thor: Ragnarok is going to change all that.But, audiences are still scratching their heads about where and which movie the last Infinity Stone might turn in.

Well, it will most likely turn up on Thor: Ragnarok.Now here's how will set up Avengers: Infinity War.

The T.H.A.N.O.S Theory

The stones all spell T.H.A.NO.S [Credit:Reddit]
The stones all spell T.H.A.NO.S [Credit:Reddit]

It all began with Iron Man, but the movie didn't set up the Infinity Stone.Instead, Captain America: The First Avenger started it all.In that movie we only got the Tesseract, the stone played a big role in The Avengers and was last seen to be transported to Asgard.The Aether was last seen in Thor: The Dark World in which The Collector had the possession of the Aether.The Orb was protected by the Nova Corps in Guardians Of The Galaxy.Now, Mind Stone had an impact on the , played a big role in creating Vision.But was last seen in Captain America: Civil War.Finally, the Time Stone was last seen on .

Notice something? All of these stones spell Thanos.Plus, it was Thanos's until Loki failed the plan including the Infinity Stones got scattered everywhere in time,well as space.

Hela's Role In The MCU

Hela takes on Thor [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Hela takes on Thor [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Now it's purely speculated that Hela may take the role of Death in the MCU.Which isn't out of a possibility because Hela controls Asgardian version of the underworld. Besides, she rules the souls of the dead.Death along with Hela are a similar character in some ways.Now, having Death would present a problem for MCU considering that Death plays a major role in Deadpool comics, TV shows, and video games.

The only differences is that Death is a cosmic entity,Hela is controlling souls of Asgard.Saying that Hela might go to space to meet Mad Titan Thanos himself.Not only it would fix the problem of Death herself coming to the MCU but likewise supporting Thanos.

The only reason Thanos wanted to wipe out half out the heroes was to only impress Death.Applying this idea Hela will fill up the shoes of Death.

Now,we are all wondering..

Who Has The Soul Stone?

Heimdal probably has the Soul Stone [Credit:Marvel Entertainment]
Heimdal probably has the Soul Stone [Credit:Marvel Entertainment]

First, let's start with Hela we do know that she that does posses the power to control souls.Moreover, how's Hela controlling the souls? Simple answer Hela has the Soul Stone that's why she's able to control the souls the first place.Not only it makes sense logically but is the easiest explanation.

Now, it's Heimdal turn.We also know that he can see all the six realms including a million souls.The Soul Stone might be with Heimdal the whole time!Here's why in the middle you see the circular thing that looks a gem.It might be, stating this that's how Heimdall is able to see the six realms along with souls.

Thor's hammer might be the last resort.Now, every Infinity Stone was either an object or contained in an object.So, far this is legitimate.

Now whatever the case might be Thor: Ragnarok seems to be the finest movie yet.Since the release date is in November this leads me to believe that the very last installment of the franchise has a lot of setups to do before Infinity War starts!

Does Heimdall or Hela have the Soul Stone? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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