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With The Flash taking a break after the gut-wrenching mid-season finale, we can't wait to see what's in the store for The Flash.While waiting for our favorite Scarlet Speedster to zoom on our screens.The Flash is great TV show to develop theories while waiting for to show to come back.

What's more intriguing that Barry meddling with timelines will cause a 'Crisis'.

Flash Created Flashpoint

'The Flash' [Credit:CW]
'The Flash' [Credit:CW]

Barry's selfish actions created a ripple effect which affected people in dreadful ways.When Barry traveled back in time to save his mother he didn't think of the consequences on how it would affect people, created a whole new timeline called 'Flashpoint'.When Barry resets the timeline things are not really how things were.For example, Joe and Iris weren't really close members. Cisco's brother Dante died. Barry's actions are what brought the Dominators to Earth.

Just like in the comic book Flashpoint,the show's version of 'Flashpoint' raised the stakes up high for Barry to face.We found out that Dr.Alchemy (Tom Felton) and Savitar were working together to defeat the Flash.

Whatever happens it looks like aliens have set sights on Earth-1.

Forget The Dominators: Anti-Monitor Is Coming

Anti-Monitor [Credit:DC Comics]
Anti-Monitor [Credit:DC Comics]

In Season 1, Harrison Wells opened the future newspaper in which says "Red Skies Vanish".This is a hint to Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to happen at some point on the .The Dominators was merely a taste of what's to come.It took a whole team just to defeat the Dominators, imagine a crossover only this time on a much bigger, grander scale.Anti-Monitor primarily wanted to destroy the multiverse and create a new positive-matter universe.This epic crossover formed a band of heroes to save the multiverse.

In which the Flash dies and so does .Now aliens that have got sights on Earth-1, Barry screwing the timeline to save Iris in the future will eventually lead much more aliens to come and destroy's Earth.

Now it's time for a theory: We know that Savtar wants to kill Iris, but what if Barry goes into the speed force and destroys Savitar, Savitar dies.In turn, Barry vanishes in 'Crisis'. Returns again, this time with the knowledge of the speed force.When, the Flash saves Iris the future changes, causing ripple effects to spread across time.Therefore, we got an alien threat worse than Dominators.

Never Mess With Time Barry!

Barry has time travelled numerous times on the TV show, in the case for time finds a way to replace the things with much much worse.That was the case in "Out Of Time", when Barry accidentally time travels to the past.When Weather Wizard was attacking Central City with a tsunami.

Sometimes time travel is acceptable: In last years crossover "Legends of Today" Barry travels back in time again to save Central City.

But, as always Barry is determined to fix things, which in turn causes damage to the time stream.Barry is still learning to never mess with time.Time and time again Barry always makes a mistake.

Either way, this year looks great for Barry there is still so much The Flash has in store for us.He's a hero and heroes make mistakes, and we all should forgive Barry for what he did.Otherwise, without Barry, we wouldn't have the 4-part crossover.This season is going to be so much epic!

How will Flashpoint affect the Arrowverse? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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