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im a movie buff who can remember practically every movie i have ever seen.

The other day when talking to a friend I started wondering about the kid from the dig in Jurassic Park. As i rewatched Dr. Grant give his lecture about Velociraptors, it got the wheels turning. What if Chris Pratt's character is the kid from the dig.

I noticed alot of people talking about the new dinosaurs and how the Velociraptors are like security for the park.

But I still wondered what would cause a person to one day have the thought 'I would LOVE to work with Velociraptors!'

If an Archeologists had given me that kind of lecture about one particular dinosaur. I would have dedicated my every waking moment to learning everything I could about this fascinating creature. In fact i would grow to respect it and want to study the creatures it is related to.

But maybe im crazy......

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