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I feel in this day and age video games are an awesome way to escape reality. Weather you playing Minecraft, Super Smash Brothers, Cod, or GTA you probably have fun with them. The media thinks that all these things are bad. I think they are wrong. Video Games help all people in ways we don't even realize. I see it as you wanna relive some stress because you had a bad day. Just hop on whatever game system you enjoy and for the most part it might relieve some of that stress. It even helps in huge ways. With VR tech that is around now disabled people who have never left there house get to see the the outside in a virtual world, and I think that I just amazing. Gamers are also people who are very loyal and some of the greatest people I know. There are trolls and hackers out there that ruin the game but I have met more good people than bad. From the words of Satora Iwatta "Video games are meant for fun"

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