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1. Its your first day in the glade what do you do?

A. junp in happiness

B. Find answers

C. Run away

D. Drop in a coma

2. The gladers are under attack what do you do

A. Fight back

B. Stay

C. Protect your friends

D. Run for you life

3. You see miho with a hurt alby ehat do you think

A. Yell encouragement

B. Run in for help

C. Just stand their

4.What job would you like to have

A. Builder

B. Runner

C. Leader

D. Cook

5. Who would you like to be your best friends

A. Thomas and chuck

B. Gally and fraypan

C. Newt and alby

D. Minho and ben

6. Who would be your enemy

A. Gally

B. Frypan

C. Ben

D. Teresa

7. you meet the creator what do you do

A. Yell at them

B. Ask them questions

C. Size them up

D. They are stupid who cares about them

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